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Broken English signboards are all over the country

Malaysiakini Chinese reported this Malaysia Boleh phenomenon in the Melaka Botanical Gardens.

Broken English signboards are erected all over the country since two decades ago. This is an official testament that English standard in our Bolehland is going down to the drain after 70s.

The Star Mind Our English did publish my complaint about tourism ministry’s tourist signboards two years ago. No action was taken to address this national “shameful” issue. I hope YB Ng Yen Yen herself go read the signboards to see she feels embarrassed or not for the English standard used in the tourist spots.

I quickly read through this sign and already spot many flaws. Its English grammar and structure are horrendous poor like kindergarten standard.

also knows as should be also known as.

to be visit should be to be visited.

recreational activities jogging should be recreational activities such as jogging.

floras and faunas should be flora and fauna

environment surrounding should be environmental surroundings or environment.

nature tropical should be natural tropical.

This parks should be These parks.

Hanging bridge should be suspension bridge.

also stalling should be stalls

handmade craft souvenirs should be handmade crafts or souvenirs

what is annual plant? YB Khoo said it’s “pokok hiasan”. Then it should be decorated trees.

Parks offers should be Parks offer.

on a weekly should be with a week

is complete should be is completed.

offering low price should be with low rental.

A professional version from an English lecturer after he only spent 15 minutes to rewrite the whole thing. Anyway, he also made a mistake for using hanging bridge. Hanging bridge is not suspension bridge as found in the Malacca Botanical Gardens.

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