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Malaysia is heading to a pariah nation

A wire thief came to steal my rented home wire yesterday afternoon. I believe the thief thought nobody inside the home. They stole the wires from the deserted neighbor unit first before cutting live wire to my unit. An loud explosion noise at the main switch was heard when my power supply was suddenly cut.

The wiring was cut, the thief escaped before cut wires were pull out from the trunking when I went down to look for what had happened. I hope the thief was electrocuted and injured (died is better) for their sins.

A police report was lodged. As usual, the police not bother to visit the crime scene to investigate.

My rented house is without electricity since yesterday’s noon. I have to use mamak restaurant to surf internet now.

KL dwellers are selfish stock, they do not care what happen to their neighbors as long the thievery not in their houses.

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Jack Sparrow says:

BN Government leaders are a stubborn lot, They refuse to accep that many Malaysians are going through very difficult times trying to make ends meet.

The cost of living has gone up very much these last few years and, especially since the government had decided to reduce subsidies on essential items. To the BN Leaders a car is a luxury. But, to the ordinary citizen it is necessity. This explains the rationale for BN govt. to impose high duties on cars and at the same time increase the cost of petrol. They need the money for Mega Projects so that they and their proxies and cronies make billions at the expense of the rakyat. There is no accountabilty, transparency, integrity and love for the nation. All they love and crave for is $$$. If any of them says they are there to serve the rakyat it is A BIG FAT LIE. Rakyat must use their vote wisely in the GE13 and rid the country of these vultures!If we fail to do this we will be doomed and even Allah may not save us.