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I saved RM940 per year after boycott local English and Chinese newspapers

I used to spend RM2.50 to 2.80 per day to purchase The Star and Sin Chew newspapers. Boycott these pro-BN mouthpiece newspapers not just save the trees, it also saves some money in our pocket.

I calculated a total of RM 940 can be saved from this simple boycott action.

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Alphard Liow says:

You have contributed to the decline of mainstream papers sales:

Habib says:

Omar al-Bashir is accused by the International Court of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in his country Sudan. Wikileaks also allegedly revealed that he has embezzled state funds amounting to US$9 billion!

However, jut because he is invited to Langkawi by Najib, with 1 stroke of the pen The Star has almost cleared his name by praising him as a “leader much maligned by the international community”.

That’s why The Star is reporting lies and we should not buy it!

Jack Sparrow says:

Forget about the local press.

Listen to BBC World Service on radio for news.

You can legally download the podcast of its documentaries here (in MP3):