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One more reason to boycott The Star

This survey attracted more than 1.3 million netizens is unprecedented. Because of 99% voters supported Bersih demo, this survey was removed by The Star without reason given.

Boycott the Star, a mouthpiece of MCA and BN.

Latest update from The Star is the survey was manipulated, an initial examination of site logs showed about one million submissions to the poll page from just one IP address.

But I see this explanation does not make sense because many online surveys do not accept multiple votes from a same IP. Obviously the Star IT does not know how to run online survey.

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KY Ong says:

If the government controlled media gives fair coverage to Pakatan Rakyat why should anyone take to the streets.

Malayisa is no better than any dictatorship. I would frankly ask Najib ad his master Mahathir to state their honest views about UTUSAN, STAR, NST, BERITA HARIAN, TV3, RTM, BERNAMA and other BN contolled PUBLIC MEDIA. All these print and electronics media works for a regime that wants to bury the truth, distort information and lie in public to appease the government.

So what choice do the public and opposition have?

nkkhoo says:

BN media is worst than China communist media. PRC main media only censor news, but Bolehland main media spread lies and fake photos and videos.

aizat says:

Latest: Malaysia is now ranked No. 145 in the latest World Press Freedom Index – the worst since the annual index was begun in 2002.

Another BOLEH from Najib.

Jessie says:

The report said that:
1) despite numerous attempts by human rights activists and online media to champion freedom, the government has constantly sought to repress such attempts.
2) The BN government is silencing the voice of journalists and curbing the most basic freedom which is the right to information.

That’s why The Star only reports things BN wants you to know.

nkkhoo says:

Sometimes The Star against its MCA master by championing worker’s rights.

Thrisha says:

Notice lately The Star has become a tabloid paper peddling irrelevant articles on front page?
Save your money, don’t waste it on this propaganda paper.

shirley says:

This article says it all:

The Star has dropped all its pretence, now that the countdown to elections has started. Fiction is being handed out as news, fiction aimed at putting the opposition in bad light, especially Lim Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim, the two high-profile chief ministers.

The Star’s editors talk openly about being a MCA newspaper and are happy to wear their political affiliation on their sleeves. Fair enough. After all, they have ceased being reporters for a long time and are really people only after a pay packet.

But what is our excuse? What is our excuse to keep on feeding Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai, Ng Yen Yen and the MCA?

Well, that is what you are doing every time you buy The Star. The newspaper group is MCA’s biggest contributor. So in reality, every time you pick up The Star, you are helping MCA.

Every time you pick up The Star, you are encouraging the editors and reporters to continue mutilating the profession that once was honourable.

In conclusion, if we are repulsed by MCA, there cannot be any compromise. You cannot buy The Star any longer. It goes against common sense and logic and principles to fund a group that you want wiped out.