Corruption & Cronyism >>>

Corruption deeps in the core...How a gaint barge can escape the authorities if no bribery?

This is another case of how corrupt is corrupt the BN government? With this rate of smuggling, Singapore land bank will be doubled by 2020 with the sands from Johor?

The Star exposed this scandal mainly MCA hated Lee Kuan Yew and his son for jailing MCA ex-President, Tan Kun Swon, not because they are upholding the truth for rakyat.

RM1bil worth of sand lost

JOHOR BARU: The Johor Government has incurred heavy losses, believed to be in the region of RM1bil due to sand smuggling along Sungai Johor. The losses were incurred over a period of four years.

Starprobe was made to understand that an average of five barges that could load up to 4,000 tonnes of sand each headed towards Singapore daily.

Based on the current market price of RM48 per tonne, a sand contractor, who declined to be identified, said each barge was capable of ferrying sand worth RM190,200.

He said a total of RM960,000 was generated from a day’s sale based on the five barges.

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Amin Abu Hassan says:

For 50years+, we have been cheated and robbed by the BN. Sand is one thing, our money also left the shores as black money!

Our purchasing power is only 30-40% of those in Australia, US, Canada. Let me show the real example :- Let say you have a salary of RM60,000/year in Malaysia married with 2 kids and wife is not working. You can only manage to buy a Kancil costing RM30,000, a apartment flat costing about RM200,000 . Because your monthly installment for car , house and monthly expenses worked out to be around RM3000-4000. Well, you can hardly have any savings don’t talk about holidaying !!

But if you are an Australian or US citizen, and take home AUD60,000 or USD60,000 a year, you can afford a Toyota Camry costing AUD30,000 or USD30,000, a AUD200K-250K detached house and still have extra to have a yearly holiday to Malaysia !!!!!! All because AUD1 or USD1 buys RM3 !!!

Why this scenario ? Because all that we (the rakyat) had been working for were plundered and stolen by the elite of the BN politicians and their cronies. The wealth are put in off-shore countries , such as cayman island etc., Why is that our exchange rate is only 1/3 of US or Aussie ? Billions and billions of RM and wealth were taken out of the country by the BN politicians and their cronies. That’s the reason why our exchange keep coming down. Is this because of our low productivity that US or Aussie? Nonsense, the above illustrated example is the average salary of an Accountant in Malaysia and US.

Malaysia lacks nothing, we have plenty of resources, we have Oil, Gas , fertile soil , no natural disaster, nice beaches etc ., you name it.

admin says:

UMNO-led BN still in power because of there are many uninformed Malays in the kampung.

15% Malaysians who are cronies to BN is super rich while another 85% is struggling to meet daily end needs.

Amin Abu Hassan says:

That’s why PPSMI is abolished so that thee people cannot understand English to be manipulated by the words of Utusan, TV3 and Bernama!

Habib says:

So easy to smuggle sand to Singapore?
Our polis or navy cannot detect?

Must be a conspiracy involving the BN politicians. PAP likes BN because Bn is corrupted and can be satisfied with S$!

admin says:

There was an open secret that the sand from Johor is smuggled to Singapore for their land reclaiming projects. UMNO cronies export Johor sand under the disguise of industrial category for wafer and semicon purposes

Does kiasu needs five barges of sand per day for wafer and semicon products?