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Success is a relative story

Ironically, most Malaysians with brain dissatisfied with the achievements made under BN government compared to four Asian dragons. And BN government gains the ego through the praises from these third-world African nations.

I remember in an International Six Sigma conference, an Iranian engineer declared the target for productivity improvement for Iran is 2% per annum. Korean representative looked at me and mumbled how could Iranians only aimed for 2%.

Mentality or mindset difference sets apart Korea from Malaysia, Iran and other African nations.

Malaysia, A Success Story, Says Swaziland Premier

KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 (Bernama) — Malaysia is one of the success stories not only in the region but also the world and was a good role model for Africa to learn from, says Swaziland Prime Minister Dr Barnabas S. Dlamini.

He welcomed Malaysian companies to do business in Swaziland which has, put in place, business-friendly policies to woo foreign capital.

“The agenda to attract foreign investors and foreign investments are my government’s top priority,” said Dlamini when closing the one-day forum on “Swaziland-Malaysia Business Forum”, here today.

The premier was among his African and Caribbean counterparts who attended the just-concluded Ninth Langkawi International Dialogue in Putrajaya.

He said foreign investors were invited to tap the vast investment potential existing in Swaziland’s agribusiness, tourism and international services, manufacturing and assembly, infrastructure, mining and energy sectors.

Malaysian companies are also invited to be part of Swaziland’s new science and biotech park project to undertake medicinal and agricultural research.

Investors are assured of incentives and guarantees such as, corporate tax concessions of up to 10 per cent, exemption from withholding tax and repatriation of profits, duty free access to capital goods, 100 per cent foreign ownership, training allowances and export credit guarantee scheme.


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