709 Bersih 2.0 >>>

Daulat Bersih!

Bersih campaign is widely reported in international media.

BN governmment is super paranoid.

– Lockdown the whole KL city. Even Sri Lanka during the civil war, Colombo City is still free to traffic.

– Shut down all businesses inside in the KL city.

– Shutdown bus stations and public bus services to KL city.

– Shutdown LRT to KL city

– DBKL water tanks are misused to block the roads.

This is strong tale-tell sign BN government will lose in the next general election.

I will salute to Malaysia police if they are so committed in crime busting like locking down KL city.

Bersih Rally 2.0 is held in Merdeka Stadium. Let gather in Merdeka Stadium and make KL City with a sea of yellow color.

BN government denies Bersih Rally 2.0 in Merdeka stadium is clear evidence BN is just another China communist regime-like government.

Now it’s clear is UMNO insults the King for questioning the audience given to Bersih.

Now it’s clear is UMNO refuses to accept the compromise solution, Bersih rally in any stadium.

Seems Bersih Rally 2.0 has no choice, but go down to street after BN government refuses to provide stadiums as promised by Najib.

I urge all PR governments (and other state governments) to open at least one stadium for public members to join Bersih Rally 2.0 on 9 July 2010 for those outside KL to support PM Najib’s pledge.

Bersih committee picks the Stadium Merdeha, but its management rejects Bersih Rally for saying there is another “raksasa konsert” on 9 July.

PM Najib owes the rakyat an answer on why Bersih rally in the stadium also being denied.

The King has issued a decree on Bersih Rally 2.0 and wanted all parties to arrive a peaceful solution rather than street demonstration.

We should heed the advice of our King for this time because provocateurs from Police, Perkasa, UMNO Youth and silat mafia organizations are waiting to hurt and kill those Bersih demonstrators.

Police in the civilized world will ensure no provocateurs to disrupt any demonstrations, but Police Malaysia themselves are provocateurs against demonstrations not sanctioned by UMNO.

PM Najib has offered Bersih Rally to be held in the stadium and Bersih is seeking an audience with the King.

As a compromise solution, I fully support

– Bersih Rally 2.0 held in the stadium with Bersih T-shirt allowed.

– Release all Bersih activists immediately.

– Charge UMNO thug, Senator Ezam in court for blocking Penang Bridge. How this gangster was appointed as a senator, a truly national shame.

My Chinese comrades, do not bent to threat and extortion from Perkasa, your show off during the Bersih rally is direct answer to Perkasa.

We Chinese do not need to hide underneath the beds on 9 July 2011. If you cannot go down “padang” to support the rally, please wear yellow shirt, cap, skirt, etc on that historical day.

UMNO and its machai parties worry most is rakyat from Malay, Chinese, India and others united as truly Malaysians to kick out BN government.

This Bersih 2.0 is a test bed to see Malaysian Chinese is a coward [who subject to Perkasa threat] or a patriot [who uphold the democracy principle]

If Chinese turnout is low, Perkasa will exert more bullies on Malaysian Chinese in the future. Worst still, they do not shy to rape Chinese girls like May 13 1998 in Jakarta with kiasi attitude shown by the MCA-alike Chinese.

Chinese proverb teaches us, “If you give in an inch, they will ask for a feet.”

I ask Malaysian Chinese a fundamental question.

Do you want to live with dignity or with risk being raped and killed like katak-katak (frogs)?

Tons of money will not protect you from receiving same fate as Indonesian Chinese. Perkasa and Pekida will see your inaction as a license to kill and rape you.

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Manja says:

Najib no longer has any credibility!

This is a PM who can in public issued an offer and then reneged on his own offer by denying he meant what he say.

How any human being, more so a PM, can allow the Police to shoot tear gas and water cannons at peaceful marchers is beyond my understanding.

If I had any doubts about Najib’s complicity in some of his publicized scandals, those doubts have now been erased.

LV 2020 says:

Is Najib so afraid of the massive turnout against the government expected on 709?

Is he leaving his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein – whose degrees in law are ‘hard earned’ as toilet papers – in charge to test his capability as home minister? Or is it Rosmah Mansor who simply cannot wait to go on another spending spree in Europe? Maybe all of the above.

Youzhi says:

I am a firm believer of 1 Malaysia concept promoted by Najib and a loyal supporter of BN. But this whole episode of Bersih vs BN government had open my eyes and changed my mind. It is glaringly clear now that this rally is all about BN’s artillery of police, FRU, military against the 1Malaysia people rallying under the Bersih umbrella. For once, the people are united and stand for their rights regardless of their race & religion. And it is sad, that only BN leaders and its NGO like PERKASA is injecting racial and religious sentiment in this issue. Fortunately, malaysian had matured to not that the bait. And I, for once, will never cast my vote for BN again in my lifetime.

Hang Aman says:

It’s a sad day for democracy when the King has more political sense than the PM!

The Agung has been measured and tactful in his statement and conduct. As this excellent piece by Clara Chooi shows, the Government appear not to have been able to use the esteemed office of the monarch for its own dastardly political ends.

The Agung’s meeting with Bersih is a watershed moment. It shows that the Agung not only understands the issues, but is concerned to hear more. I bet the PM tried his best not to allow the meeting, hence all his avoidance of saying that he had met the Agung just before.

Politically, it is another nail in Najib’s coffin. It was probably his idea to involve the Agung. That was because he was not getting anywhere in dealing with the issue politically.

The Agung’s good sense and measured advice, meant that Najib is without cover. Bersih feels vindicated after calling his bluff on the stadium deal and exposing him. His UMNO right wing are furious as they appear out-flanked because they can’t be seen as going against the Agung. Najib is no Mahatir and will not take on the rulers – and certainly not this Agung who has already shown his independence of will in Terengganu.

Like I said at the start, it’s a sad day for democracy when the King has more political sense than the PM!

Padini says:

PM Najib will have to answer for all these fiasco once the rally is over. The questions that he has to answer are:
1) Were you lying to Malaysians when you said that Bersih can rally till night time in a stadium?
2) What did you not understand from his Majesty, the Agong?
3) Can the rakyat even trust you anymore when you open your mouth and say trust me and give me a chance?
4) Are you still the PM who is in control of the country?
5) Are you a truthful person?
6) Are you trustworthy?
7) Can foreign investors believe in the government when the government cannot be straight with her own citizens?

选民 says:




dagen says:


Can you translate?

nkkhoo says:

EC allows these

1. 110,000 voters in the Kampar parliament constitution vs 6,000 voters in Putra Jaya.

2. Phantom voters.

3. Multiple voters in a single address.

4. Army and police personnel double voting rights.

5. Buying votes at long house Sarawak

6. Bleaching 200,000 illegal immigrants to BN supporters.

Richie says:

It is hard to believe that our Polis can suddenly find those parangs alongside Bersih 2.0 t-shirts to implicate the movement with violence.

We all know that this is ‘staged’ by PRDM!

Sally Yeo says:

i find it very strange that the police are talking about enlisting the help of the Army to confront the rakyat when the King has instructed that Bersih 2.0 can hold the rally indoors. This is an open defiance of the King.

nkkhoo says:

Army is still under the command of Agong. Don’t need to worry.

dagen says:

A responsive and responsible government would always listen to the people and would always keep the line for communication with the people open.

Umno decided to cut communication with the people on this important issue. The great umno police arrogantly (and disastrously) announced that the great umno police will not talk anymore.

That announcement, although was by the great umno police, is as good as an announcement by jibby jib himself. So really the agung ought to call on umno and jibby jib to maintain communication with the people.

This thing about umno rally vs people’s rally which jibby has been threatening, really jib and umno ought to realise that past and present events of the world tell us one piece of reality consistently. Nothing could be more powerful than people’s power! That is why suppression/oppression was created by dictator governments (like umno). Suppression and oppression by their very nature are measures that could be maintained for brief periods and on temporary basis only.

Lian Hin says:

Hopefully this peaceful demostration will work out smoothly! We Chinese will join also. I’m too sick and tired of BN all these years! We must make change like the BN once say “brave for transformation”. Then they must also be brave for transformation!
Chicken BN blocks all roads but our hearts are not blocked!


Setia says:

While the police is clamping down on anything yellow and clean, those umno youth/perkasa thugs are creating havoc & traffic disruption in Penangion without being pre-emtivily stopped by our police.

Really a double standard practice by our police for the whole world to see.

Setia says:

This is a good writing by young Malaysian by the name of Ken.

Change is necessary!

kamsari jais says:

Bersih 2.0 is a peacful march.

But BN is making it political.

Surely there will be backlash for BN as everone will wear yellow to show their disgust on that day.

Alphard Liow says:


Salbiha says:

On on side we have pro-PR supporting clean, fair and transparent election.

On the other hand, we have pro-BN NOT supporting clean, fair and transparent election.

Can it be more obvious which side to choose? Clear as daylight. Bersih atau Kotor. Even a toddler can pick.

Jalil says:

I heard polis is arresting people wearing this t-shirt. How can they stoop so low?

Alphard Liow says:

Hishamudin has just made it illegal to wear Bersih t-shirt. Since when he has the power to do so?

nkkhoo says:

I will challenge him in court if I were arrested for wearing Bersih t-shirt.

UMNO is no different with Chinese communist regime, too desperate to hold on the power at all costs.

Arab people have taught us one lesson, people power is unstoppable.

Loh says:

The law on sedition act against people who could cause security risk by his words or actions. If the Bersih T-shirks have printed words that could cause security risk, wearing it could have legal implications. But if the words printed on the T-shirks cannot be said to be seditious, then the statement of the Home Minister to declare that the T-shirks are illegal has no legal basis, and it is ridiculous.

The home minister should explain how the Bersih T-shirks have become illegal.

nkkhoo says:

That poor guy said Bersih is not a registered NGO, therefore no logo is allowed.