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Hisham, there are no real communists in the world...

Hisham, let use better excuse to arrest those Malaysians who oppose BN regime.

What is wrong with possessing Chin Peng portrait poster?

Chin Peng’s bibliography with his face printed in the cover is legally sold in the market, so Hisham should arrest himself with ISA.

How about if someone keeps Osama potrait poster in his car? Arrest them under ISA also?

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Loh says:

Umno still caught in the siege mentality of having Bukit Kepong nightmare.

Alphard Liow says:

Umno is now resurrecting the komunis bogeyman to provoke the malays in the fashion of Bkt Kepong incident.

This is very outdated as we know that communism is long dead. Umnoputeras are still living in the ‘cold war’ era when the Vietnamese are now moving to capitalism. Russia is long gone and has disintegrated. Berlin Wall is long been torn down.