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Both illegal download and file sharing sites block are wrong

In responding to a few letters from your readers (The Star) on the recent action by MCMC to block 10 file sharing sites.

Any rational and conscious-minded person surely understands illegal downloading copyrighted digital materials is wrong legally and morally.

IF music and movie owners and our government believe blocking file sharing sites is a right approach to counter such WRONG action, I wish to say they are as wrong as those file sharers who upload and download copyrighted materials not owned by them to file sharing sites.

Whether Malaysia’s Cyber and Copyrights Laws allow MCMC to block file sharing sites without a court order is still another debatable legal subject. But MCMC’s decision to block file sharing site is morally and legally wrong based on these factual arguments.

Firstly, our government has broken MSC Bills of Guarantee which affecting its international credibility.

Secondly, these file sharing sites clearly state no illegal materials are allowed, the onus to inform them of and remove copyrighted materials from free sharing is on the shoulders of copyright owners.

Thirdly, there are many legitimate users who use these file sharing sites for their own digital materials. All legitimate users are also blocked out because of a few black sheep whose alleged crime is not yet proven in the court. The MCMC is committed another legal procedural mistake to punish legitimate users.

This blanket blocking action is tantamount to banning all villagers of a kampung from visiting KL simply of a few villagers are suspected of committing thievery in the KL city.

This kind of blocking is morally and legally wrong!

Addressing a wrong action with another wrong action does not make it a right action, but it merely reflects a failed and lawless nation is in the making.

Note: This sentence is omitted by The Star. LOL

See The Star edited version on 28 June 2011.

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