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If you think Penang PR government is better than BN, think again...

Al-Khamsa Endurance Club proposed plan in the Youth Park was rejected by previous BN government, somehow the present PR government approved the land which is supposed for park expansion. Worst still is the club built the buildings without proper approval from MPPP.

If you think PR government is not corrupt, then you shall rethink. They are politicians with same greedy and needs as BN politicians.

No public consultation session was called to get feedback from the rakyat before a piece of public land is ceded for Al-Khamsa Endurance Club.

Kick out this DAP, Chow Kon Yeow 曹观友 who in-charge of local government portfolio in the next election to teach this guy a hard lesson, DAP MP is dispensable as other politicians.

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Hadli says:

I don’t care much so long as we have an alternative to BN that is rotten to the core.

nkkhoo says:

Kick out a tiger, bring in a crocodile is the same result. Malaysians may need a third force like in UK.

Rashidi says:

Why hope for a 3rd force when it could well be a splinter group of Umno like Perkasa or Kita?

nkkhoo says:

KITA may be given a chance in 14th election, not 13rd election.

Perkasa is Malay 3K group. No way to be a formidable third forces.

A Penangite who loves horses says:

I totally agree with Horsie! Why must you link up politics with sports? Kudos to Al-Khamsa Endurance Club for taking the initiative to set up this facility for Penangites to learn about horse riding.

nkkhoo says:

Do you understand what is good governance and CAT according to LGE? If not, shut up your mouth, go joint BN.

No one to bother where you build you horse or dog or rat racing facility as long as no public space is encroached and all application procedures are 100% observed.

The visit of King is no excuse for MPPP to make exception. Faham tak?

I know at least two DAP politicians from Penang openly oppose this unlawful project. These two guys stand up for CAT unlike Chow Kon Yeow. Chow is harping on parochialism to gain blind supports from some Penangites.

He tainted PR good image in Penang.

A Penangite who loves horses says:

So sorry to say that you have a very personal politic agenda… It’s normal for politician to have big mouth and they love to talk & write… good luck to you!!!

nkkhoo says:

A bandwidth wasting childish reply. Anyway, my political agenda is to see clean and efficient governments regardless they are from BN or PR.

Horsie says:

Being a Penangite, sports should not be put in between government or politics. If they are doing something good for the state & the public to take up horse riding with proper facilities, then you should not link a place that is built for public interest with your self opinion. You might not understand or talk about a facility that has been built for all Penangite to enjoy & learn & you yourself is a MUAR-IAN. I am sure this place is built with proper documents & is being approved for the opening ceremony.

Why do you have to put equestrian sports to compare Barisan or DAP government? That is why equestrian sports will never be enjoyed by Penangites if we get comments from a single minded person like you. Might be you have to check in Johor about your equestrian centres there whether than trying to comment what the Penang state government is trying to do for their people here.

Sports & politics should not be put together…

nkkhoo says:

Don’t play up parochialism and your tiny island mindset to question where I come from, ok. Please ask LGE go back to Melaka if you think people from other states have no say on your Penang issues.

I am questioning the doubtful decision making by MPPP, nothing to do with sports or massage centers.

Do you mean sports is above law and no one can oppose the location of a sport venue?

How sure you are? You can believe the earth is square if you want to believe it.

The MPPP councilors themselves also not deny the application review is still going on.

BTW, Johor horse riding is built in a private land, why I shall make noise if no public space is encroached and proper approval is granted?

What the joke, you represent all Penangites? Show me any independent survey saying the majority Penangites support this horse riding facility.