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Genocides and mass killings are still a culture in our civiliization

Mass killing is still going on in Sudan now, and outside world is so helpless to stop political motivated genocide. When I was a primary student, at least 1.7 million Cambodians were slaughtered by Pol Pot led communist regime.

Chinese, Russian, Germany and Japanese are top criminals in the mass killing spree. The world champion is China communist regime who eliminated at least 30 million Chinese, more than Chinese victims killed by Japanese Imperial Army during world war 2. Yet Chinese people only hated Japanese and forget their own communist regime is more cruel and inhuman than any government.

Perkasa and other radical groups can incite racial riots and start mass killing with no preemptive action or total inaction by police to check the spread of fascism and racism in the Bolehland.

See the genocide data for past 100 years complied by National Geographic.

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