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UMNO demonstration is blocking traffic...because this is what they are!

This is clear sign that Malaysians are no educated on how to run demonstration from day one. BN has learned the dirty trick from China communists, brainwashed our people as early as kindergarten level with distorted information about free expression like demonstration.

I suggest we invite secondary students from Sri Lanka to teach our people on how to conduct demonstration.

Sri Lankan students have taught me a lesson, Malaysia is not a democratic nation as many of us like to believe. Sri Lankan school authorities allowed their students go to street to run an orderly demo to express objection against a new school policy.

Some city dwellers are clapping their hands when the student parade passing their shops. The atmosphere is like carnival unlike gangsterism show off by UMNO demonstrators.

I also hope Malaysian Chinese businessmen who always talking money is better to shut up their mouths if they are ignorant about demonstration is an important component for a healthy democratic system.

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Setia says:

Umno youth is rehearsing for July 9?

Strangely, its ‘leader’ is fleeing the country to join Flotila and let its kuncu take the blame?