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Oppose someone costitutional rights is an offense

No one should question and oppose constitutional rights given to rakyat under the Federal Constitution.

Freedom of expression through mass gathering is a constitutional rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Police Act is against the Federal Constitution and should be void IF this same thing happens in any Western democratic world.

Oppose others to have a rally is like oppose others to preach their religion.

If you do not agree with Bersih Rally 2.0, go ahead to run your own rally, but asking police to stop Bersih rally is against our constitutional rights.

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dagen says:

1. Is Bersih2.0 an entity? It is not registered anywhere. Therefore it is not an entity.

2. How do you ban a non entity?

3. The PM is not the government, therefore he is no an entity. Can and INDIVIDUAL named Najib dictate what cannot be done in Malaysia?

4. When the PM goes to overseas to meet other Head of Government, who does he represent if he is not the Head of Government?

5. If the PM does not represent the Govt, then why should tax payer money be used to pay for his & wifey travel overseas?

6. All the glc stadium must proved in their accounting that their staff payroll, maintenance and renovations are not from tax payers money if they are denying the tax payer to book and pay the fee for usage.

7. Who pays for the salary for the Man in Blues? Can the Man in Blues prove in their accounting that they are paid by someone other than tax payers’ money?

8. Aren’t the constitution and legislation being tabled by the MPs who are elected by the people and should work for the people?

Therefore, Malaysia is not a democratic country but a communist country as the elected representatives are only working for themselves!