709 Bersih 2.0 >>>

Kuala Lumpur Bersih 2.0 Rally Videos By Foreign Media



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zaidan says:

Tq bro for sharing.

We support Bersih for clean up everything…:)

Veradah says:

Congratulations to all those Malaysians that walked on July 9 and to Bersih and Ambiga.

There are enough Malaysians who took part to ensure that the message gets out.

Register to vote and make sure you vote. Until then joint the struggle to ensure all Malaysians enjoy a free and fair election. Not the kind where we have money for votes, phantom voters, one voter repeatedly voting at various polls, postal votes being wrongly used and so on. This is the beginning.

The Electoral Commission needs to be watched over by international inspectors to ensure we have a fairer election the next time around.

Real Patriot says:

How can Police be so brutal and uncivil to a civil and peaceful march by civil society. These are not thugs or villains; on the contrary, many are decorated, disciplined and responsible members of society.

Why has the Police taken side on a political process? Would you do the same if PR were the gvernment? I would recommend a RCI and you to be sacked, stripped of your titles and disgraced if found criminally responsible.

So many videos showed civil society civil and police the provocateur. Now, IGP, if your eyes are still functioning and you do not suffer from retinal detachment, please explain! There is an obvious disconnect between what you see and what your brain processes. Small mind or warped mind, pea-brained or bird-brained, eh?

Police are meant to be protectors of the Rakyat. You have turned the police force against the Rakyat who paid your salary. BN is not your paymaster. When PR comes to power, I would recommend to Parliament that you get a RM1,000 pay-cut on your pension!

Between you and UMNO crackos – fools seldom differ.