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Hospital under attack

Amar Singh, Chua Sok Lek and Liow Tiong Lai can join Hitler as the biggest liars in the human history for denying a fact witnessed by hundreds of people.

Liow Tiong Lai, these are hard evidences you wanted for further investigations.

Should I hand carry them to your office?

I believe that Liow believes it was divine wind blows the canisters into hospital compound.

First, KL Police Chief denied any teargas was fired into hospital. Now, with all evidences appear in internet, Health Minister condemned Bersih protesters ambushing hospital.

Liow said ignore these video clips because hospital management already denied teargas canisters were fired into hospital. Tung Shin Hospital Chairman has to lie regardless hard evidence for a simple reason, the hospital funding is mostly from “taukeh” who closed to MCA.

It’s a tragic for Malaysia IF Liow Tiong Lai as a Health Minister still ignorant (intentionally) that no restriction to hospital should be imposed for civilians or soldiers seeking refuge under whatever circumstances like demonstration, riot, war, natural disaster, etc.

This is why we need Bersih electoral system to clean up ministers like Liow from holding power.

Tung Shin Hospital maternity unit was under teargas attack. Under Geneva Convention, no hospitals can be attacked by all warring parties.

Malaysia police disregard this basic international rule in this kind of civil demonstration is unforgivable.

May be Hisham think that killng Chinese newborn babies with teargas is absolutely a right thing to so.

Malaysia police is again showing they are brutal and uncivilized enforcement institute.

I doubt FRU is trained and educated properly that no hospitals can be attacked under whatever circumstances. Probably let Malaysia army retrains FRU on how to control crowd rally.

Liow Tiong Lai’s press statement on teargas incursion to hospital. (In Mandarin)





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There are more than 30,000 views before this video was removed, I believe must be someone download a copy into his/her PC.

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This video shows police ambushed the hospital to arrest protesters seeking refuge from teargas, not otherwise as claimed by Liow.

Photo taken by Patrick Leong, Photographer.

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Alpha Dog says:

MCA is finished..period!!
But for the fun of knowing why…MCA is a sex man party now…only good to be pimps to UMNO B all over Malaysia….getting sexy models ready for their masters.
That have been going on for decades…and still on going.
That’s one of the reason they were voted out by Malaysian Chinese.
Calling them monyet is too kind.
But I cannot think of a better description for them.
So..lets say they are monyets serving orang hutans.

nkkhoo says:

Monyet and orangutan deserve more respects than spineless MCA man.

Hijau Sekitar says:

A group of doctors said they were prepared to provide sworn affidavits to say that police had fired tear gas and chemical-laced water into the compounds of the Tung Shin and Chinese Maternity Hospitals during the Bersih rally last Saturday.

Ayob says:


Please watch this video before you visit KFC:

The unhygienic preparation of chicken!

nkkhoo says:

I fully aware of this video clip. Seldom visited KFC nowadays because its taste is not good as before.

Ayob says:

Agreed with you. KFC has localised the original taste of KFC after Johor Corp acquired it. Maybe to cut down on the expensive ingredients?

Fried food is no good for health. However I tried in vain to get my malay counterparts to abstain from fried and oily stuff that will clog your arteries leading to heart failure.

Syamsul says:

Liow and his BN gang said it was the wind that caused the tear gas to ‘change direction’ to hit the hospital.

Like that also can say. Next time you are hit by a police bllet, police also can say it was the wind that change the bullet direction?

I say the real wind of change is one that will sweep BN into history come next GE!

KAY says:

hi…i link this to my facebook…this is totally disaster..

Manja says:

The police or the home minister just cannot stop the people from protesting.This is the first lesson to the government.The second lesson is in order for a peaceful protest no permit is needed; It is not Mao’s or Stalin’s or Mahathirian’s era.Now everybody including UMNO and Perkasa can have a good laugh and as they could do nothing.This time around the trouble was started by the police and the police must remember that they have hurt their own brothers and sisters.Najib and Hishamuddin had led to this ‘yellow ‘situation and they are responsible for the hatred towards the government of the day.In order to test their support ,Najib should call for an immediate election .Failing which means he is a coward and shouts with only his UMNO supporters around mainly from FELDA.Hishammudin’s time is numbered and it is matter of time he leaves the country to do his Ph.D as Rais did including Baginda.We have a bunch of morons up there to lead the government and they are bringing the government to it lowest level with their administration.