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Police brutality caught in video

The victim beaten up by police is a woman?

Sometimes, to say some Malaysian policemen are a bunch of licensed gangsters is true.

What the heck to kick a demonstrator already falling to ground? Wanna hurt and kill him is only conclusion I draw from this video.

Seems the demonstrator beaten is Indian from his dark color skin. Besides brutality against humanity, there is strong racism among Malaysian police against Indian.

Hisham, 4 or 5 out 10 policemen in this video are acting like gangsters is not a small matter. I urge Malaysia Police to conduct an independent investigation on this incident.


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nkkhoo says:

Watching RTM and TV3 is wasting our time on nonproductive activities.

jeremy says:

I watched the program ‘Insight’ on Singapore’s Channel News Asia last nite.

The videos shown on the program is a complete contrast to those shown on RTM or TV3. We get to see the brutality of the police with hard-handed treatment to the peaceful Bersih 2.0 people!

Real Patriot says:

Hello PDRM, ask yourselves why in other countries like Australia, Bersih 2.0 went on so smoothly and peacefully without the need for batons, tear gas, and poisoned water BUT WITH SMILES AND KINDNESS from the police? It is because their police leadership and force are EDUCATED and NOT POLITICAL and KNOW THAT THEY HAVE TO PROTECT CITIZENS AND NOT PROTECT POLITICIANS. That’s the difference, and I’ll say if not for your UMNO masters, you are unfit to be in your position! Truly, you are a disgrace to all Malaysians. BTW, when are you going to solve the Klang Acid Splasher case? Stupid!!