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Thank Hisham for providing traffic free roads

Bersih heed the advice of our king to stop street demo and only asking one stadium in KL city for peaceful rally.

Hisham and Malaysian police got nothing to do and brainlessly lockdown KL city and make all streets in KL deserted for last Saturday.

When people like me wanted to gather in the Stadium Merdeka, police sprayed water laced with chemical agitator, fired teargas bombs and erected wire fence to prevent people to reach stadium.

People like me have no wings to fly freely, therefore thousands of people under teargas attack have to make use of deserted streets provided by Hisham.

Demonstrators followed the traffic light and have never blocked a single vehicle in the city.

Police is very kind to erect roadblocks to purge out vehicles from KL streets.

Thank Hisham to make traffic free streets for me to walk peacefully. Police is the one facilitated street demonstrations, not Bersih organizer.

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