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Actions speak louder than words

I and late MGG Pillai were active in soc.cul.malaysia forum on BN government bashing campaign when Anwar was sacked, detained and tortured in 1998. No Facebook, Tweeter, Blogs in 1998 and not many Malaysians using internet then, the voice of MGG Pillai was not widely circulated and heard.

Late MGG Pillai was sued by Berjaya tycoon, Vincent Tan and I was sued by Petronas (Mahathir is its advisor) for the political or unknown reason. He lost the court case and ordered to pay RM100 million damages to Vincent Tan.

This was just another injustice case from Malaysia Kangaroo Court. I did not lose or win my case because Petronas chickened out and withdrew the case.

In 1998, I watched from TV on those brave young Malays came out in droves to protest the brutality against Anwar by Rahim Nor and Mahathir.

Malaysian Chinese were brainwashed by UMNO to believe Malay demonstrators will amok and killed Chinese like in 13 May 1969. Yes, 70-90% Chinese voted BN and salvaged BN from the defeat to Semangat 46 in 1999 general election. The reward was the Malaysian Chinese being labeled communists by Mahathir after the election was over.

My first mistake was that I took no action, talked only in internet.

In 2007, again, I watched from TV on Bersih 1.0 Rally. Thousands of people risked their lives and marched fearlessly to palace.

Again, I made second mistake as I took no action, talked only in internet.

In 2011, I decided to walk out from just being an armchair critic and joined the Bersih 2.0 Rally.

Why? My angry overrides fear feeling from various intimidations and threats predated this rally.

I will regret for life if I miss this rally and repeat the same mistake. The drawback is I only managed to break into the city center around 2.30pm due to the city lockdown and missed the Jalan Pudu rally where demonstrators were assaulted with teargas and chemically-laced water.

I joined the marchers from Bukit Bintang and ended up in KLCC. I later realized I was among a few demonstrators not running away when FRU ambushed the crowd in KLCC. I stayed there to shot photos on police operation till about 4.30pm. See my field report.

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