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10+1 Q&As your must know about Bersih 2.0 Rally

You are free to cut and paste my brief answers on Bersih 2.0 campaign to counter BN cybertroopers in online forums, facebook, tweeter, and blogs.

Specal Question: BN always argued if Malaysia electoral system is not clean and fair, how on earth PR won five states in 12nd GE?

Special Answer: False

Basically PR needs at least 60% votes to win under the present unfair and dirty electoral system, which is favored BN.

At least 10% redundancy or extra votes is needed to compensate vote fitting, phantom votes, police and army double votes, uneven voter population size for rural and urban constituencies, abuse of national assets for BN election propaganda campaigns, media censorship, etc.

Q1. Why police locked down the KL City for merely 5000 to 6000 (an official figure from IGP) people gathering, which is about 15% of 40,000 audience attended Michael Jackson’s concert held in the same Merdeka Stadium?


–  UMNO makes use of Bersih 2.0 rally to punish KL Chinese voters who voted PR in the past.

– To intimidate rakyat that police is the boss who can lock you down at anytime.

– To shift the daily hardships due to police blockage to PR and Bersih.

Q2. Bersih Committee is illegal?

A2: NO

The committee members either are from prominent individuals or members from NGOs registered with our government. Bersih is just a loose committee under the legal NGOs.

Q3: Berish 2.0 Rally is illegal?

A3: YES but NO

YES, it’s illegal under the Police Act which stipulated that no more than four persons are allowed to gather in the public places without a police permit.

NO, the Federal Constitution stipulates freedom of speech and expression to every rakyat provided no public order, national security, morality, sedition, etc. are jeopardized. Constitution is a supreme law, no lesser laws like Police Act can override the constitution.

The constitution is a supreme law, it serves as a contract between the rakyat and government. Any party breaks the constitution by enacting lesser laws like Police Act to limit the freedom of speech and expression peacefully is unconstitutional and unlawful.

What is more important, the integrity of constitution or enforcement of Police Act? The answer is constitution always comes first.

Why some Malaysians choose to demo now? Because many rakyat do not trust Malaysian judiciary system can uphold the integrity of original constitution drafted by Tengku.

Therefore, rakyat or people have constitutional rights to hold any peaceful mass gathering in any public places.

Q4: Mass rally or demonstration is bad than good?

A4: NO

All developed nations except Singapore and Brunei and the majority of underdeveloped democratic nations have allowed peaceful demonstrations.

Let take Hong Kong for example, the city has permitted public rallies or demonstrations without causing adverse effects to its economy growth and political stability. In some occasions, the rally is huge with more than 500,000 people congregated in a place.

Also let’s look at Indonesia, it has reformed from a dictatorial to democratic nation with the freedom of speech and expression in the public places, no police permit or any type of statutory restriction imposed on this civil activity.

Q5: What role played by the Malaysian police in maintaining public order?

A5: Licensed Gangsters

Hong Kong and Indonesian police maintains public order by looking up and taking out outside provocateurs from the rally and provides protection to protesters.

They play policing role.

Malaysian police may allow outside provocateurs to disturb the rally or demonstration. Most often than not, they arrest and beat up protesters from the opposition instead of protect them.

They play bullying role.

Q6: Demonstration is Malaysian culture?

A6: NO

In our history, UMNO under Onn Jaafar mobilized Malay grassroots to run street demonstrations against the British Colonial before Malaya was independence. It was not made a culture because of tyranny rules in silencing liberty of individual through ISA, Emergency Ordnance, Police Act, Sedition Act, etc.

Whether demonstration is a Malaysian culture or not is not important, it’s a constitutional rights enshrined in the constitution.

It’s right time to make peaceful demonstration as a part of Malaysian culture like eating hamburger or sushi.

Q7: Who was showing disrespect and disloyal to the King?

A7: Najib and his BN government.

Bersih organizer has heeded the advice of our King and agreed to not running street demonstrations on 9 July 2011. PM Najib also has agreed that Bersih can have rally in any Stadium for as long as they want. Unfortunately he backtracked his own offer a day later.

Police and Hisham have insulted Agong.

Hisham came out a “derhaka” statement by saying audience with the King is not a license for illegal organization, Bersih to run rally in the stadium. His police have the final say on granting permit approval to Bersih.

Instead, Hisham and police advised Bersih organizer to run rally in any PR-controlled state. Ironically, this statement was contradicting with the Bersih is an illegal entity, a reason given by him to deny Bersih rally in the Merdeka Stadium.

How could police banned the illegal Bersih rally in Merdeka stadium but allowed the same illegal Bersih Rally in Shah Alam stadium? Was Hisham talking the rule of law or rule by laws?

If Hisham and police heeded the advice of our King to allow a peaceful rally in the Merdeka Stadium as preferred by Bersih, there was no such street demonstrations as you seen on TV on 9 July 2011.

Q8: Anwar is mastermind behind the Bersih?

A8: NO

PR supports Bersih because a clean and fair electoral system benefits them as well as Malaysians generally.

With a clean and fair electoral system in place, any political party can stand on the same level playground to market their visions and policies, we rakyat have a better chance to select a more competent Prime Minister to administer our nation.

Q9: Did PR attempts to overthrow BN government through street demonstrations?

A9: NO

Malaysia is no yet reaching a boiling point where the revolution and people power movement are possible like the Philippines under the Marcos in 80s or Tunisia recently.

How can demonstrators like me with bare hands go fighting with the police who are equipped with all sorts of modern weapon? My military training tells me that no human flesh can stop the bullets.

Those people come out this conspiracy must be NUTs and with the ill-intention to malign PR especially Anwar Ibrahim.

Our king is an unifying force as long as his majesty stays neutral and impartial to his subjects. The loyalty of Malaysian Armed Forces is always to the King, not to the Cabinet. Without backing from the military, the chance of overthrowing present BN federal government illegally is near to zero.

Q10: Malaysian Chinese are interested only on money and food to fill their stomaches as demonstrated by MCA members?

A10: NO

This is a racial stereotype against Chinese similar with Malay is lazy perception.

The Bersih 2.0 rally has changed the perception on Chinese are selfish and do not care about human rights issues. Not deny that there is a significant number of Malaysian Chinese borne with doggy mindset, they do not care for other higher hierarchal needs as long as enough food is still served on their plates.

– End –

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