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Local universities produces mass workers for elite groups

BN government screws up the quality of local universities with the goal of churning out large quantity of low academic standard graduates with poor communication skill in English. This group is from have-not poor rakyat like me.

All ministers, royal families, high ranking government officials and other elite groups send their children to overseas prestiges universities and colleges for receiving a world-class quality tertiary education. With the right networking and connection of their parents and coupled with shinning foreign certificates, these overseas graduates are most likely holding managerial and decision making posts in the public and private companies.

The offspring from poor and have-not rakyat will always in the worker group to serve elite groups.

So, you shall understand why low quality local graduates are good for UMNO and Malaysia elite groups. They are borne to serve their masters with peanut salaries and unconsciously believe they are successful middle-class group.

Weak In English, Lack Of Experience And Too Choosy, Reasons Many Graduates Unemployed

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Bernama) — Inability to converse in English, lack of experience and being too choosy are one of the main factors many of the fresh graduates are still unemployed.

Human Resource Deputy Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan said the young graduates also demanded high salaries and refused to accept job offers that did not match their qualifications and which offered low salary due to their lack of experience.

“Most employers will give more points to those who have working experience although their job experience was of lower level categories,” she told reporters after the launching of “Graduan Aspire 2011” , a career and postgraduate fair, here today.

She said currently the unemployment rate in the country was 3.1 per cent.


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Faridah says:

Yes, the end-result is that the malays will continue to be drown in the whirlpool of The Malay Dilemma to be servants to Umno with its spinned Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

nkkhoo says:

Believe it or not, Malaysia employers still offer fresh graduates with old salary scheme used in 20 years ago. They are shamelessly to condemn our fresh graduates asking for too high salary if you expect your start salary at RM 3000.

The typical reason given is poor English job seeker does not deserve high salary.

How do you expect local graduates especially from have-not group to command good English if our students are educated in Malay (or Chinese/Tamil) medium and worst still English is taught by unqualified English teachers.

Why not English is used as teaching medium like before if English is a stick yard for salary? Otherwise, all employers should stop discriminate local graduates based on English proficiency.

Alpha Dog says:

The job market requires proficiency in English. Yet BN still insists on it BM policy. BN is simply out of touch of reality as it encourages foreign labor to dominate our job market. The young graduates, especially thos unemployed, are likely to join Generation 709.

nkkhoo says:

Pakistan was forced to use English in its schools after it main enemy, India leaps forward with its pragmatic English medium.

UMNO sacrifices the future of Malaysia by insisting on BM, but children of UMNO politicians and have elites study in the English international schools and overseas universities.

Strong anti-BN sentiment in the Facebook is a tell-tale sign young generation is awaking that BN is the root cause for their dilemma.

Hafiz says:

Yeah I can see the rationale of this discussion. The ministers should send their children not only for tertiary education but starting from kinder garden at local government tadika like Permata and KEMAS not International School.

If the minister promote Malaysia education system is top notch why not they send their child to Sekolah Kebangsaan ? Why Send to Private School eh?

PSD for Elite? Aiyooo their father is capable to pay them but still ask for scholarship aah? Biar Betul? Tak Percaya lah..

Then they punish local student for paying the PTPTN late with passport grounded

nkkhoo says:

A friend of mine is a self-made multimillionaire (he is a hardworking partner of UMNO Alibaba company), his wife still apply for free textbooks for his son and daughter.

I know this because I was witness on the application form. Rich man does not mean he/she is generous in spending.

The elite classes are awarded with PSD overseas scholarships for their loyalty to BN especially UMNO.

Fauzi says:

Perhaps we should relate to this true story.

Baharudin Ahmad, a 59 year old Malay taxi driver, died during police action at the rally. Encik Baharudin was a typical Malay self-employed city-dweller, struggling to make ends meet with a low-paying job and rising costs of living. Yet he succeeded in putting his daughter through medical school. The authorities have ignored his family’s grief.

These few words painted a very succinct and poignant picture of the ordinary poor Malay different from those in the rich class who can afford $24 RM diamond rings!

Baharudin Ahmad was no different from the poor farmer who toiled in the paddy field or the fisherman on the sea to provide food for the table. He did not die in vain. His life showed how the poor strived hard to make ends meet.

Bahrudin was admirable in that by working as a taxi driver he succeeded in educating his daughter. What was even more admirable was that despite of his heart condition he made a point of being at the Bersih march. His death from a heart attack and evidence of being seriously beaten raises question on whether this was due to police brutality.

He is in a way a symbol of all the poor who overcame their fear of the authorities’ threat of violence and stood up to have their say on Bersih day regardless of race.

His death has already immediate repercussions for UMNO. The authorities ignored his death and this will certainly turn public opinion against them and enable people to see that UMNO does not protect the poor regardless of race. Bahrudin’s brother an ex-service man shortly after his death declared that he is joining the opposition Pakatan. If these people who were literally the foot soldiers of UMNO are turning away from it then things are really changing.

Those of us who do not understand how the poor people survive can gain a little insight to the conditions of the poor such as even Malays whom UMNO championed for 54 years. Yet the majority of Malays remain poor.

UMNO’s economic solutions have gone off the track despite their original good intentions and ended up with “unbridled” corruption and enrichment of a small class of Malays within UMNO and its exclusive circle of MCA MIC and Sabah and Sarawak political and tycoon cronies.

The Bersih march can represent many things for different people. In one aspect it represents the awakening of the majority poor and middle classes against the minority ruling class.

So the day of reckoning for the UMNO ruling class is approaching fast when the majority poor class of people are beginning to rise up and question their social conditions.

nkkhoo says:

Baharudin Ahmad is a retired soldier, not a farmer. I read from the news in the Malaysiakini says that his five siblings are ex-soldiers.

nkkhoo says:

During the old days like in 70s and 80s, local students except those come back from abroad are not allowed to study in the international schools.

The elite class is fully aware our government school is low standard, UMNO relaxed the ban and allowed elite class to enroll to these schools.

Hafiz says:

Hah! From all your post, this is the ultimate one… Even the Education minister that promote our education system are the best with UNESCO certified is sending his child to oversea….I guess…

nkkhoo says:

So far, I only know Nurul was studied in a local university when Anwar was DPM. All other ministers sent their children to overseas.

I bet 99% chance Muhyddin send his sons and daughters to overseas for tertiary education. I can find out this info later.

Do you know why PSD overseas scholarships list is kept top secret? Because they are many sons and daughters of elite class in the list.