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How to fight like gentleman when one hand of your challenger is tied?

On the road to the ring, your main challenger is harassed by police with all sorts of ridiculous charges, and when he goes up to the ring, one hand of your challenger is tied up by Election Committee. Many neutral rakyat are sicked to see your challenger is harassed constantly and fighting with one hand tied to the back in the ring.

Pak Lah is a gentleman, Najib is never a gentleman.

The truth is BN will lose in the 12nd general election if a fair and clean electoral system is used.

Street Demonstrations Not The Answer – Najib

From Abdul Muin Majid

LONDON, July 16 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said street demonstrations are not the answer to grouses against the government as they may well spiral out of control, possibly causing casualties and damage to property.

“If some quarters are still unhappy with the government, let’s square it out when the election comes and let the people decide.

“We’ll present our case, and the opposition will present their case. Let the people decide,” the Malaysian Prime Minister said when addressing a gathering of members of the Malaysian community in the United Kingdom (UK), here Friday night.

The event capped his four-day official visit to the UK at the invitation of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Najib said: “We don’t need all these (demonstrations). What we want is a Malaysia that’s transformed, a Malaysia that’ll be our pride and joy.

“We want a country that’ll join the ranks of fully developed nations that will stand as a shining example of a successful nation. That’s what we want for Malaysia.”

He continued: “If we’re to err, let’s err on the side of ensuring public order, safety and harmony, because once something goes wrong, it’ll cascade very rapidly, and there’s no telling what will happen because violence begets violence.”

Referring to, among others, gains made by the opposition in the last general election, Najib said there was democracy in Malaysia.

“And elections are clean in Malaysia. If you think that’s not good enough, we’ll do even better — we’ll introduce the biometric system, for example, to ensure no phantom voters,” he added.


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