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An important video clip to prove teargas canisters were fired into Tung Shin Hospital is missing

There are more than 37,000 views before it was removed. BN and police should be delighted with the missing of this video clip because no evidence available any more.

Anyone I downloaded another similar video clip just in case another one is missing from I think RM10,000 can pursue the owner to take down video. LOL



Probe Into Alleged Tear Gas Incident At Tung Shin Hospital To Start Soon

IPOH, July 21 (Bernama) — The investigation into allegations that police had fired tear gas into the Tung Shin Hospital compound, by 11 of its doctors will start soon, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

“I have instructed the ministry’s secretary-general on the matter and we will speed it up. The terms of reference have been outlined and the investigation will start in a week or two,” he said after attending the opening of the Buntong Health Clinic by the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, here Thursday.

He was asked to comment on several online reports that 11 doctors from the hospital in Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, claimed police had fired tear gas into the hospital’s compound to disperse demonstrators during the July 9 illegal rally.

Tung Shin’s board of directors had, however, refuted the claim on July 11.

Liow said: “We will ensure there is no overlap in the investigations. We will look at it from the hospital’s perspective of patient safety and security while the police, from the overall public safety aspect,” he said.

He added that the cabinet was concerned about the matter.

On the shortage of doctors, Liow said the ministry was training 4,000 doctors annually and they would be ready to serve in two years’ time, thus reducing the burden on the existing medical officers.


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Prasad says:

Najib himself made an unsolicited offer of having the BERSIH 2.0 rally in a stadium PRIOR to his audience with the KIng, ostensibly to assuage public outrage, since it has gotten the attention of the Monarch.

Then, he passes the buck to PDRM to find a loophole to make it impossible for BERSIH 2.0 to acquiesce with this compromise.

Now, Najib has the audacity to claim that BERSIH 2.0 has not been fair?

This bloke will be an excellent candidate for a used-car sales job when he loses the premiership in GE13 but I supposed only Proton will make the offer. For old time’s sake.