Teoh Beng Hock >>>

Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide is a bullshit

The RC conclusion is purely based on hypothesis and opinions.

Two innocent people died in the MACC office is not coincident, it has something to do with the evil committed by MACC.

The last straw on BN integrity is crashed to pieces with this commit suicide conclusion from Royal Commission. My early post said UMNO created kangaroo court is proven correct again.

Let get 10 world renowned mental physicians to see how many agree with Teah became mentally weak instantly after long hour interrogation by MACC.

Those people still believe today’s royal commission is professional and fair as old one, please forget it. Why not a retired judge was appointed to head this royal commission? The answer is in your head.

MACC is the most corrupt government agency in Malaysia, a thief catching another thief is another Boleh. There is zero hope if you allow BN wins in the next general action, BN is like terminally ill patient, no medicine can cure it.

Nazri also lied by purportedly quoting Paul Mullen had said Teoh was becoming a high risk group in self-destruction after aggressive interrogations by MACC.

BAR refuted there was such statement from Paul Mullen and RC report also confirms no such statement.

Nazri is a liar like Liow Tiong Liar.

I maintain my hypothesis, Teoh was pushed down after being strangled on his neck till unconsciousness through the window due to his refusal to collaborate with MACC in fabricating trump-up charges against DAP politicians.

DAP politician like Lim Kit Siang who was pushing for a royal commission now biting his own tongue, BN now is so delight the burden on BN is relieved after RC said commit suicide is the cause of death.

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Mac Davis says:

Watch this doucumentary on the TBH case, now in full on Youtube


Stone Cold says:

“JATUH” is a documentary about the death of the late Teoh Beng Hock gives the account of the investigations and inquiries that took place after his death. The question remains, was justice served?

Watch the trailer here: on:

Screening of “JATUH”:
13 Oct 2012 – Tropical Inn Hotel, Jalan Gereja, Johor Bahru.
20 Oct 2012 – Hobour View Hotel, Kuching.
21 Oct 2012 – Friendship Association, Sibu.
27 Oct 2012 – Grand Borneo Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.
28 Oct 2012 – The Substation, 45 Armenian Street, Singapura.

All are welcome to seek the truth!!!

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ariel says:

Majlis Ulangtahun Memperingati Hari Kematian Mendiang TBH

星期一/Isnin, 16.07.2012, 8.30pm
No.1, Tingkat 2, Taman Bintang Jalan Sakeh, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia

Limah says:

How can a witness to an alleged white collar crime be pushed to such an extreme that he willingly committed forced suicide under the watchful eyes of the interogating officers.

The least that these officers should be charged is manslaughter.We cannot charged them for murder as long as these pariah Umno GOM is the ruling regime.But the head of the MACC should resign as this happened under his watch.

In democratic countries PM’s,Ministers and department heads take resposibilities for their surbodinates action,be it good or bad.If the action is good the boss gets the credit.If the action is bad the boss gets the shit.It all comes with the territory.

The TBH murder or forced suicide,the MACC head should resign.The Bersih fiasco HM Hisham should resign.The Tung Shin Hospital fiasco for lying through their noses to cover up a crime the HM LTL and the IGP should resign.

Only cowards and pariahs will hang on to their positions after they become irrelevant.HM Hisham has already proved that he is a coward and will forever be branded a coward.So now let us wait for the three pariahs to make up their minds.They will eventually be branded as cowards and pariahs too.

Frogger says:

Whether or not TBH is weak or strong, the question remains. He died under the interrogation by MACC. Now that it is exposed that the 3 officials acted in an aggressive manner, then MACC IS responsible for the death, whether it is suicide or otherwise.

However, the RCI did not address the various injury marks found on TBH’s neck and body. They could have been the direct cause of death and NOT suicide. Stating suicide is the most convenient way to pass the buck to the dead person. It is shameful and farcical to the highest order to blame the dead.

UMNO is so evil beyond words
Is this what Najib refer to as ” Defend Putrajaya at all cost”

CSI: KL says:

The reasons given by the RCI as to what could have contributed to TBH taking his life is just pure speculation.

The position where TBH’s body was located should indicate whether TBH could have on his own strength got himself that far, after falling over 80 feet over 2.25 seconds. Since the window through which TBH exited was hinged on top, TBH could not have jumped without hitting the window and broke it. There was no broken window so TBH did not jump. When the window is open making an angle of 60 degree to the vertical wall, the lower end of the window is only 2 and half feet (half its height of say 5 feet,) above the windowsill. There was no shoe mark on the wall below the windowsill, so TBH did not kick the wall to get off the window sill, if he was sitting on the window sill. If TBH stood on the windowsill his head would have touched the window. In that position had TBH taken his own life, he would have just bent over, and his body would be near the wall. In that case, he might have laid parallel to the wall from where he fell. But TBH was found in the position suggesting that lateral force was used to push him forward away from the wall. That causes one pathologists to remark that the body was ‘usually’ faraway from the wall.

The university lecturer who used ‘aerospace software’ concluded that using the formula which assumed that TBH was like a ball, which did not take into account that a living person might move his arms or make other movements, the distance where the body was found was consistent with where he fell. For the body to be like a ball, TBH must have been unconscious. In other words, on the condition that TBH was unconscious, it was possible to throw his body from that window, clear the window pane and reached the ground where his body was found. So, the lecturer gave evidence that from the location of the body, TBH was unconscious during the fall. That confirms Pornthip’s, the Thai pathologist, expert opinion.

RCI should decide based on evidence and not on speculation.

Smackdown says:

RCI report is a concocted fiction!!

All facts of the case makes suicide extremely difficult to believe.

TBH was brought in to provide info and not as a criminal. Why then is he subjected to intense questioning? If there are proofs of wrongdoing, just charge him in the court of law. Obviously, there are none. Putting “aggressive, relentless, oppressive and unscrupulous” pressure on TBH was really going overboard as he was not guilty of any wrong doing and was never charged.

Even we accept it is suicide, it is forced suicide amounting to homicide. Only in Malaysia that people of authority can get away with murder.

With 2 deaths at MACC, why is its director still in office. He should resign on his own accord to take full responsibility for his men’s action. In Japan, their leaders commit harakiri suicide themselves!

Ted says:

we r not in Japan and we r no Japanese. if we hv some of their mentality, we would hv been a developed country by now. not 2020, or is it 202020? furthermore, they r only worried about their wallet, nth more!