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We need Bersih 2.0+ Rally

What is Bersih 2.0+ Rally?

This is not another street demonstrations after the success of Bersih 2.0 rally to awaken middle-class in the cites.

The new strategy is follow-up actions to recapture lost grounds in the rural especially the bumiputeras and Indians.

Most political analysts and political parties agree the real fight in the next general election is winning the heart of those rural voters because BN has no chance to wrest back urban voters. Except those city dwellers with vested interests and parties members for BN component parties, I believe the majority [60% and above] of urban voters already know and understand BN is incurable patient.

Pakatan Rakyat should refocus their resources to penetrate rural areas.

Both DAP and PKR are damned weak in the rural and suburban areas. Although PAS is quite strong in the Malay rural areas, but no more than 30% rural Malays will vote PR, UMNO still in the upper-hand in the rural areas.

The winning formula for PR

In the peninsula rural areas, PR has to capture 40% Malay, 70% Chinese and 60% Indian votes.

While in Sarawak and Sabah rural areas , PR has to capture 55% Christian bumi, 40% Muslim bumi and 70% Chinese votes.

How to recapture rural?

– More intense internet campaigns will not change the mindset of rural voters, PR political parties have to “turun padang” to influence and win the heart of grassroots.

For instance, MCA is still a dominant party in Chinese new villages especially in Johor. Both DAP and PKR almost non-exist in new villages.

People frequently asking me why Johorean Chinese still support BN. This statement is misleading, Johorean Chinese voters in the new villages are split equally between BN and PR, neither you can say they support BN or PR.

PR especially DAP has to work harder to win 20% more Chinese votes in new villages. PKR and PAS has to win 10% more Malay votes in the kampung and Felda.

PR weakest link is in winning Indian votes after the fallout with Hindraf. I do not foresee PR can get more than 30% estate Indian votes without Hindraf.

– For city neutral voters who inclined to kick out BN (not necessary they like PR), they can help out by re-brainwash friends and relatives in the new villages, Felda estates and kampongs.


With imbalanced constituents for urban and rural constituencies, those parties winning in rural will be the winner in the parliament.

With other discrepancies in the electoral system, my projection is BN still win in the next election because of rural voting pattern and trend tilted to BN.

Why? PR falls out with Hindraf is one major factor of losing Indian support. Besides, both DAP and PKR fail in winning more Chinese and Malay votes in the rural areas.

Illegal Rally: Bersih Wins Nothing, BN Loses Nothing

By Alan Ting

KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 (Bernama) — So what is the state of the parties after the July 9 illegal rally?

According to several political analysts, Bersih 2.0, the organiser, won nothing and Barisan Nasional, the government of the day, lost nothing.

They believe that the rally has neither affected the foundation of the BN nor increased support for the PKR-DAP-PAS pact which is said to be behind the street demonstration.

Dr Sivamurugan Pandian of Universiti Sains Malaysia said that no matter what issues were raised at the rally and regardless of how the opposition pact or Pakatan Rakyat played them up, Malay voters in the rural areas would still support the BN for growth, peace and harmony.

“Similarly, however they are labelled, Pakatan Rakyat won’t lose their die-hard supporters,” he said.

With little change perceived among supporters on both sides of the political divide, attention turns to the fence-sitters, the main target of people who orchestrated the rally.

While opposition supporters are loud in claiming success in drawing neutrals, some intellectuals who had been satisfied being part of “the silent majority” begged to differ, and are speaking up.

Lecturer Azli Abdullah of the same university said: “I no longer have any sympathy for the opposition. What kind of Malaysians are they? They work in cahoots with the foreign media to put Malaysia a in very bad light, trying to give the impression that our country is on the verge of chaos, that we are the next Egypt.”

He thinks that the police did a good job preventing the situation from turning ugly.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said that 5,000 to 6,000 people took part in the rally while the opposition claimed a total of 50,000.

Sivamurugan said the opposition hoped that the street demonstration would create a ripple effect before the general election just like the 2007 Bersih illegal rally did.

He does not believe that people living outside Kuala Lumpur and Selangor feel strongly about the rally.

He also said that it was still unclear how many of the participants were opposition supporters notwithstanding the assertion of Pakatan Rakyat partisans that all who took part were for them.

While the argument continued over the effects of the rally, some observers make the point that these might not be lasting.

“People have short memories. Whatever effect the opposition claimed the rally had that favoured them could be wiped out by time. Or it could be offset by the government introducing more people-friendly policies,” an observer said.

The opposition obviously believe that rallies are a good way of gathering support.

Pas has said that it would hold a rally before the next general election if the Election Commission does not implement the reforms demanded by the organisers of the July 9 demonstration.

Whatever the politics of the illegal rally, “the economic consequences have been bad,” said an analyst at a local stockbroking company who did not want to be identified.

The analyst said: “Small and medium enterprises in Klang Valley suffered great losses. People and goods were blocked from entering the city while hundreds of millions of ringgit were frozen and prevented from flowing into the market.”

The government, too, had to bear a huge cost, including the amount spent on the deployment of police personnel from other parts of the country and payment for their 24-hour shifts.

If all the 1,667 protesters arrested are charged, the courts would also have to spend a large amount of resources.

Pakatan Rakyat estimated costs arising from the rally to total RM150,000, including the payment of bail for arrested protesters, while the financial loss to the government is at least 10 times that.

Appraising the situation after the rally, industrial leaders said that anything that afflicts the economy should worry everyone and not just business people.

Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah, president of the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia, popularly known as Huazong, said the world economy has slowed down and the financial crisis in parts of Europe threatens to spread.

“Under such circumstances, the ruling government should be allowed to focus on revitalising the economy, and political confrontation should be set aside for the good of the nation,”Pheng said.

“Time and effort should be given to moving the country forward.”


The comment board with Facebook account.
nkkhoo says:

At least MCA was willing to help me to apply for a study grant from Johor government unlike PR Selangor study grant which is limited to boarding schools (in another word for bumi only).

Only MCA can refer to for longkang matters in the new village, DAP and PKR only show up two weeks before general election. Grassroots do not bother PR manifesto which was never materialized most of the time.

People with some toilet papers in the city always think they are in high moral ground to condemn those rural voters who vote BN.

What PR did to Selangor in past three years?

Actually I did not condemn PR for first there years for its apprenticeship learning curve. I can tell you Selangor PR achievements in case you think I am clueless.

– Free water to ALL rich families.

– One million budget for a PKNS annual banquet.

– Three to five Chinese students received state study grant each year.

– RM30 million missing fund for a so-called propaganda campaign against BN.

– It’s ok for PKR female exco with extramarital scandal to keep her job, but not ok for Chua Soi Lek to do so.

– A modern pig farm in the boardroom.

– More internet gambling cafes and massage parlors than ever.

– Misused RM300,000 public fund for a PR ADUN’s medical expenses.

Can you add more achievements done by PR Selangor since you know more than me?

Kendrickson says:

It is a pity the Indians somehow have eaten the bait of Najib 1Malaysia, to put to waste the effort by Hindraf. hoepfully they can wake up in time.

The Chinese in Johor should learn the lessons from their Singapore counterparts, many of them gave their votes to opposition instead of PAP who have somehow lost its track of helping the poor in the push for elitism.

MCA’s “下屆大選成績若不如2008年大選將不入閣” threat should be punished by all Chinese, simply because MCA did not help the Chinese despite in BN all these years.

nkkhoo says:

Those Johorean Chinese voted BN are either MCA members (some gangsters join MCA for political protection) and senior citizens.

Alfred says:

MCA members itself promotes a lot of ‘Ah Long’ operations under the guise of licenced money lender.

The business prosperity in Johor is due to Singapore factor. Many Chinse household have members working in Singapore, such higer purchasing power in Singapore dollar earned. It is not MCA that has helped them.

Anyway, please tell MCA that BN did not approve any new Chinese school after the last election!

nkkhoo says:

Malaysian Chinese working in Singapore are from many states. Those people stay in JB not necessary from Johor, a big portion is from other states.

Johor is big, Singapore factor only significant in the southern part, another 80% land is exactly like other states.

Like it or not, I have to say Johor MCA is doing right job in the grass roots level.

Ming Xian says:

Can you be specific as to what good mca has one to Johor grassroot? Ah Long business to help Chinese gamble in Singapore casinos?

Other than that I do not remember any as much as you do not know what Pakatan has done for Selangor people.