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PR will never control Federal government

Besides PR winning is hindered by unfair and dirty electoral system, there is another reason, PR is still NOT showing they are viable alternative to BN after three years in the business.

The fact is 90% PR promises made in the GE12 manifesto have never been materialized. None of above mentioned Selangor’s populist policies are delivered by Khalid.

Declare assets to public is one promise broken by PR.

Taiwan President and its cabinet members have no problem to declare their assets, what is the problem with PR governments in four states? Only politicians have illicit income sources worry and afraid their assets made known to the public.

PR shall blame itself if the majority of city fence-sitters who are king makers decided not to vote PR.

Selangor MCA bureau man says leaders showing lack of transparency

PETALING JAYA: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and state executive councillors should uphold their transparency promise and publicly declare all their assets, the MCA said.

Selangor MCA public complaints bureau head Datuk Theng Book (pic) said the people have the right to know since the state’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Enactment, which was passed in April, allows access to state documents.

“The state government introduced the FOI bill to give the public freedom of information.

“Yet, only their salaries have been declared and not their assets, according to the information we retrieved,” Theng Book said here yesterday.

Khalid and the exco members had listed their assets in the state government website

The list includes their monthly salary, spouse’s salary, number of wives and children, loan amount for properties and vehicles, information on businesses and also assets acquired and owned after they took office in March 2008.

The Mentri Besar had said in 2009 that assets owned prior to holding office were not publicly declared as the state was unable to provide security for the exco members and their children.

There was also no insurance policy to address this.

Details of the pre-2009 assets, however, were privately disclosed to the Mentri Besar’s office and could be released for legitimate reasons, subject to conditions by the state’s special select committee.

Theng Book said it was not enough for the exco members to privately declare their assets as they had a responsibility under the FOI as well.

“It is good corporate governance. They should declare it if they want to be better than the previous Selangor government,” he added.

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Roger Lim says:

One thing my mum always taught me. Be very careful of using NEVER and ALWAYS. You may be right, PR may lose Selangor to BN in the next election, but PR will NEVER control Federal Government? Even if you are right at that, let’s agree that BN will not rule Malaysia forever. There will come a time when an overly corrupted government will fall. I just hope that happens within our life times.

Be well.

nkkhoo says:

BN may be ousted by other opposition party like BN own splitting faction in future, NEVER by PR.

PAS and DAP will be separated in one day, PR is an alliance born out of convenience.

Awan says:

The GenY will say Never Say Never, as Justin Bieber song goes…

Alfred says:

Perhaps you do not know the details since most of the PR achievement is not published by mainstream media.

What about finding out directly from the likes of Teresa or Nurul?

nkkhoo says:

I already condemned Teresa several times. LOL

You can go ask around, none of the handout promises by PR are delivered. Many Selangor bloggers are voicing same disappointment.

My forecast is PR will lose Selangor to BN in next GE.

Ming Xian says:

A good businessman will change strategy to cut loses or try to break even instead of continuing with a wrong strategy that loses money.

Similarly voters want Pakatan knowing that Toyol-led BN in Selangor will continue to waste rakyat money with corruption.

It is not easy for Pakatan to change the attitude of the BTNized civil servants. They are putting up a lot of resistance not to follow Pakatan’s approach.

nkkhoo says:

The MB, Khalid has to show determination to wipe out old rubbish. He supposed to remove old dogs from leading state departments, but somehow he kept them until more scandals pop up.

Stop blame BN, PR is present government, not BN.

PKR mindset is still same with UMNO, I believe most neutral fence-sitters will not vote PR in state level.

Ming Xian says:

You are beginning to sound like you are courting mca.
I guess election is coming and it is an opportunity for a Johorean like you to reap instant benefit. That’s why Johort Chinese will remain loyal to MCA without any guilt or shame.

nkkhoo says:

Only bigot got no shame to think he/she is a saint for voting a party at his/her choice. I see everyone must vote PKR to be a righteous person in your tiny brain.

Grow up before you come to my blog again.