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Food war again with kiasu...

The chickens used for original Hainan chicken rice in Hainan Island is special bred with local black grains from a county. It’s very unlikely local chicken rice is tasted better than original recipe in the Hainan Island.

I have tasted many chicken rice in Malaysia and Singapore, I rate Singapore chicken rice is better than ours for its softer meat texture. May be my Johorean appetite is closer to kiasu. 🙂

Dish brought over by Chinese migrants tastes better in Malaysia, say locals


GEORGE TOWN: Hainanese chicken rice belongs to the Chinese community in Hainan Province in China.

However, locals preparing it say Malaysians do it better and the chicken rice dish does not belong only to Singapore.

Charles Wong, 55, the owner of the Hainanese chicken rice restaurant in Jalan Burmah, said chicken rice has been popular in Penang and Singapore for over 100 years.

“If the CNN people had come to Penang to taste our chicken rice, they might have ranked it even higher,” he said when asked about Singapore’s chicken rice making it to 45th spot in a recent CNN food survey.

Traditional dish: Chicken rice seller Lim Fang Jeong, 33, preparing the Hainanese chicken rice at a restaurant in Cintra Steet, George Town. The recipe had been handed down over many generations.

Former Penang Hainan Association vice-chairman Lim Theng Yit said the dish from the province tasted very different from any other chicken rice.

“No country should fight over where the dish is from because the original Hainanese chicken rice belongs to the Chinese community there,” the 90-year-old said.

He said the chicken rice recipe was brought to Penang by Hainanese migrants around 1870.

“Nowhere else have I had Hainanese chicken rice that tastes the same as the one served in the village I came from.

“The cooking skill and quality of the chicken meat is different here.

Hainanese chicken rice seller Lim Jit Tan, 58, said the local variant also had an additional ingredient that the Singapore chicken rice could not match spicy sauce accompanying the dish.

“My parents were from Hainan Province. The sauce over there uses a lot of ginger rather than chilli,” he said.

In IPOH, one of the owners of a famous chicken rice shop in Jalan Ali Pitchay said many Singaporeans who visited his shop lavished praise on his preparation.

Wong Kok Foo, 47, who runs his father’s 50-year-old business with his younger brother Chui Peng, said tourists from Hong Kong, Britain, and the United States as well as people from all over Malaysia visited his shop to try out the chicken rice and gave it the thumbs up.

Wong said he had tasted the chicken rice in Singapore and that it had its own taste.

“Therefore, it is not right to say that the Lion City has the best chicken rice.

“We should leave it to the people to decide,” he said.

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