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I will not watch《Nasi Lemak 2.0 辣死你妈!》movie even for free

Namewee is good to make use of and insult the Malaysian flag and anthem for his popularity marketing campaign. BN government did not charge him in court is another vote baiting exercise.

Those people think he is a patriot and speaks out for Chinese, you better think again.

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Yong Peng says:

Najib tried to please Chinese by giving Chingay a heritage status. Too late, Singapore has promoted chingay to foreign tourist for decades. Another failure of Tourist Minister Kak Yennie!

Rais yatim was at Setiawan to con the Chinese.
MCA should ask him why locally made Chinese movies did not get tax rebate, instead are taxed to finance Finas?

Robert says:

MCA do not fight for chinese heritage like Yee San until the Little Red Dot has claimed to be theirs.

Our cinemas release 2 local malay movies a week, all tax free with full assistance from Finas loan. Jack Lim have to come up with his own money and resources to make his Ah Beng 3 wishes movie. Where is MCA?

Hasri says:

Nasi Lemak 2.0 is really a good show.
Unfortunately Finas is still in dino age and stick to its old fashion thinking, while the likes of Haslam & son, David Teo abdulah and the KRU brothers are making millions from its stupid policy.

Alfred says:

Finas is punishing Namewee?

Where is the spirit of 1malaysia?

Why must we still have the wajib tayang policy when the malay movies have been making millions of ringgit in box-office?

niceguy says:

LOL. A polical movie showing in the cinemas? Where is Rais?

BTW no reason for me to post here as I hardly go to the movies and never for a local or bollywood movie and Painted Skin was the most recent (and the ticket seller wrongly informed me it was Cantonese). When is Jason Bourne coming back?

lala says:

support namewee!

Indian Guy says:


Ming Xian says:

You are insulting David Arumugam!

nkkhoo says:

Do I care for a pseudo and superficial 1Malaysia movie? Namewee is interested to capitalize anti-BN sentiment to make money.

Ming Xian says:

Datuk Seri Najib Razak called Namewee “a strong supporter of 1 Malaysia”, in the face of calls for action to be taken against the “Nasi Lemak 2.0” producer for past criticism of the country.

How can you disagree with our beloved PM?

nkkhoo says:

Your beloved PM has no problem to blood you with kris if you believe history in 1987.

This is showing how stupid is stupid for Namewee and his generation.

nkkhoo says:

Fxxx you thrash…I hope you don’t mind I call you this way because I emulate your idol.

Namwee FANS says:

Namewee is the best guy… best friends.. if u don like him please don write about him la.. wasting ppl time here arguing.. juz hate with ur own heart la…
watch this

Jornes says:

Please open your heart…
See how this blog….

[URL deleted by admin]

居鑾大俠 says:


nkkhoo says:

What do you expect from those people who like to watch pontianak shows?

This kind of rubbish show is reserved for people who believe in poison letters, fake video, etc.

Ray says:

Which video is fake?

Anwar’s or CSL’s hotel romp?

nkkhoo says:

What race is watching pontianak shows like no tomorrow? Najib is worry more on Anwar or CSL to influence Malays not to believe poison letter, fake video, fake sodomy charges, etc.?

Ti Beng says:

Typical malay movies will feature mat rempit on kapcai racing at nite with the Twin Tower as backdrop. The hero will date his girlfriend by the bridge of Puterajaya lake.

Too bad Yasmin Ahmad left us early and could not bring reform to such standard formula in malay film-making that FINAS is sponsoring.

nurulein says:

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, lambakan cerita hantu yang ditayangkan di televisyen dan menerusi filem ketika ini boleh menggalakkan kepercayaan karut yang tidak membantu membina masyarakat berproduktif, termasuk menyelesaikan masalah dengan pendekatan saintifik.

Beliau berkata lambakan cerita hantu yang berasaskan mitos banyak menyumbang kepada serangan histeria di kalangan pelajar perempuan Melayu.

Awan says:

My malay friend watched Nasi Lemak 2.0 as he felt that Hantu Bonceng is old formula recycled. He was pleasantly surprised by Namewee’s effort with limited budget. The songs are good, so is the storyline that promotes muhibbah.

Sukir says:

In the context of the everyday, on-the-ground, lower-income Malaysia, the elements of this movie are shared by all races.

I see his work as satirical to encourage discourse. He isn’t saying anything new – he’s just being a mirror of where we all are today.

For that reason I recommend all to watch this movie.

nkkhoo says:

Namewee is like a durian, you either like it or hate it.

I have no issue with whatever films or songs he wanted to create, I cannot stand is his suck attitude after insulting Malaysia anthem and flag.

His father made the apology on behalf of him, but he denied he had asked his father to do so.

Ming Xian says:

I congratulate Namewee for applying the expletives and descriptives that correctly describe Utusan Malaysia. Those accolades which were long earned by Utusan has taken such a long time coming that we actually owe Utusan an apology for keeping them waiting.

Fauziah says:

Agreed with Sukir.
Nazri said the movie is not racist.
So I watch with my son and daughther and they have since appreciate 1Malaysia concept better after the show.

Recommend to all.

打不死精神 says:

If you will not watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 just because you think he insulted the Jalur Gemilang and national anthem, Negaraku. Then obviously you are a stubborn person who won’t change a view of another person. You will just keep looking at the wrongs he had done before. He is just telling out the truth that somebody like you will not accept.

nkkhoo says:

DAP Manoharan was censured by his own party for discarding flag proposal is telling you Namewee was not doing the right thing.

Telling the truth with a wrong way for his own business promotion is even worst.

2-head snake is the best description for such a person.

Ooi says:

LOL,China Press sucks newspaper….
Watever u say,i will still support Namewee…
Watever i say,u will oso kepp dislike namewee…
Well,Stop our discussion here =]

Ooi says:

LOL dont discuss with the suck newspaper–China Press…

nkkhoo says:

The China press also suck in its Chinese language poor standard.

东方不败 says:

I clapped for Namewee because he does not conceal his face. Now that’s courage in the open.

nkkhoo says:

You must also clap for Ibrahim Ali, he has courage to bully you with his fatty face.

Ooi says:

Well,we stand at different view.
Malaysia also free to talk,u gt the right for your view =].
My Opinion: Namewee is a brave guy to speak what his thinking.This suppose do by every teen.
Certainly,he make this movie also not for getting any award,just to tell us what he thinking about.I think u missunderstand him.
Lastly,Im just a 15years old boy.Even a 15years old also know,how come u dont know? LOL..
This my Fb for proof =] *URL deleted intentionally.

P.S.If u r Malaysian,Pls Support This =)
Hope U have a nice day…..

nkkhoo says:

Many teenage boys in the Pakistan religion schools also believed Osama Bin Laden is a brave man for his Kamikaze suicide bombings against “Muslim enemy”.

If Namawee is truly a brave man to fight for the justice for all Malaysians, not just for his own race and also pocket (this is more important!), he should urge and lead the Chinese young boys and girls like you to march along with Bersih protesters.

Anyway, those below 21 year are advised to consult their parents before joining any demo.

Please come back to debate with logical thinking after you reach 21 year.

P/S The China press interviewed 7-13 year old children for their opinions on Bersih rally is truly an abuse of UN human rights declaration.

Awan says:

Positive review on mStar Online:

Jika ingin mengetahui apakah konsep 1Malaysia mengikut pemahaman pengarah dan penulis cerita ini, ia patut ditonton oleh semua kaum kerana Nasi Lemak 2.0 membawa banyak pengertian yang harus diberi keutamaan dalam konteks masyarakat majmuk di negara ini.

Ia sebuah filem yang layak ditonton kerana ia bukan sahaja membawa kesedaran tentang apa yang berlaku tetapi juga memberi mesej yang sangat mendalam dan bermakna kepada semua penonton.

nkkhoo says:

Dr. Mahathir is still confuse on what is Najib’s 1Malaysia, me too.

Seriously, I do not know what is 1Malaysia from your eyes and Namewee.

May be just get a few Indian, Malay and Chinese (of course he may forget Sabahan and Sarawakian are also Malaysians) actors and actresses acting in the film and then you call it 1Malaysia spirit.

Special position for bumi in the business and education supposed to be an affirmative policies to help the poor and disadvantaged group like Malays in 50s.

I only believe 1Malaysia after the original NEP first objective, that is to eradicate the poverty for all Malaysians regardless their race and religion is restored and adopted by Najib.

Everyone knows Indian is the poorest race in West Malaysia, but the help from the government on poor Indians is almost non-exist.

What do you think if more richer Malays continue to get the overseas scholarship, study in the full boarding school and MARA universities, 5% discount on housing, AP, annual subsidy for Malay petty traders, etc. under the disguise of bumi special position.

This is not a special position anymore, is a new form of apartheid. Islam teaching disallows such racial discrimination if my understanding on Islam is correct.

bgkhoo says:

Najib told the world when he was interviewed on radio show that he admired Nelson Mandela. This is really annoying since Mandela ended apartheid while Najib persisted with umno-branded apartheid in NEP.

That’s why right-minded people will never understand 1Malaysia. Full of contradiction, if not BS.

Awan says:

Dr Mahathir will understand the true essence of 1malaysia after watching Nasi Lemak 2.0.

I hope there will be a sequel.

Ooi says:

Im Not support any politics and also wont give any comment about namewee.
I just wanna to say to finish up a movie is not a easy stuff and he did it without gourvement sponsor.
Besides,he also speak the truth inside in movie,TNBsuck!It Real!
Chinese Certificate not sah!It True!
It also the movie i seen got present 1malaysia.
Even u dont like it,me also not like this movie very much,BUT u must give he a Clap!
Lastly,i Think u should think again,NOT US =]

nkkhoo says:

Doing the right thing is everyone’s duty, why I must praise him for something you thing he is doing right?

My clap is expensive, only reserved for true patriots like Auntie Bersih, Ambiga, etc.

There are more talented Malaysian Chinese directors than Namewee and they have also proven their talents in several international film festivals. Go find out who they are by yourself.

What Nasi Lemak 2.0 has achieved so far? What international awards won by this film?

Again, I won’t wasting my time to watch this film even Namewee offers me a free ticket.

Hou Ren says:

I was at JB City Sqr (the shopping mall owned by Singaporean) at noon time. There was a long q of people for Namewee’s autograph. Namewee was there to promote the nasi lemak 2.0 movie. All the movie merchandise (wah lao t-shirts, books, soundtrack CDs) all sold out as the fans bought them to be autographed.

Namewee is a big hit in Johore. I was at OCBC Bank today and the bank officer lady even recommended me to watch to movie.

nkkhoo says:

Ibrahim Ali is also famous and popular in the Malay community except he does not make money from his notorious fame.

Malays like him is like Chinese like Namewee.

Namewee got off the hook from the law because BN and PR is luring him to their side. He is smart and plays the “two-head snake” game to make use of both sides for his money making business.

anonymous says:

but u speak as if he should be cast off / die ?
not like you will support him for anything he do right ?
aren’t that a lil bias of you ?

Doing something wrong and not letting ppl correct it ?
Different ppl have different opinion that , some ppl just have the same opinion to him, and yes , sometime venting the 4 word to the service provider is just for expressing his anger ? what is wrong ?
Some ppl did not go complaint to the service provider but deep in heart they are cursing them , who knows you are doing something critical and get black out ( like upgrading firmware ) , you will really brick your equipment you know ?

nkkhoo says:

Doing the right thing is everyone ‘s duty, why I must praise him for something you thing he is doing right?

Do you want me to praise Najib for repealing ISA, which was a product produced by the same BN?

I condemned Perkasa for using violence to stop Namewee from running his business, but that does not mean I agree on what he did on national anthem and Tenaga cursing.

Can I fuck u openly even u screw up your service as a businessman? Answer this honestly…

Can I fuck Namewee and curse his parents to death IF I’m not happy with his film after I watching it?

If yes, please talk to Namewee, I may fuck him openly with 4-letter words as what he fucked Tenaga staff, that outcome is still depending on whether I am happy or not on his Nasi Lemak 2.0. You like Nasi Lemak 2.0 does not mean I also like it.

I do not mind to fork out my money and go to cinema for this purpose after 15 year of missing cinema.

anonymous says:

1. Yes, it is right to praise any1 doing the right thing , what wrong with praising ? it make ppl happy , it is free , it bring no harm.

2. Yes, u can curse (not fuck in public mind u ) some 1 openly if u don’t like. You will not be the first , and will not be the last. It just degrade you a little but people will understand if you are angry.

3. Yes , you are free to curse that person as long as you don’t bring harm to him ? Some of the netizen even say fuck xxx brand if they are not happy with it.

but look again, do u agree u are over reacting and rather bias because of his past ? what happen if this is from another director ? well , if it is not him , i think you will not enter cinema anyway.

Lau says:


nkkhoo says:

No doubt, Namewee is an excellent marketing talent, and created controversies is the cheapest way to make name instantly and free promotion.

See what China government will act if its film director makes fun on Chinese national anthem and flag.

Both BN and PR try to courting namewee, he is lucky living in Malaysia even he insulted the nation integrity.

Malaysia is a failed nation because Malaysian laws are designed to be broken by politicians.

QiaQia says:

Namewee’s success among the local chinese is because of umno’s anti-chinese stand that is embeded in the BN policy that mca is supporting. His song spoke of the frustration of local chinese. That’s why he is appealing to them. The rebranded ‘cool najib’ may engage him to win the chinese votes. But damage has been done by rais.

nkkhoo says:

I never see Namewee is a true patriot from day one, he is an opportunist like Najib.

QiaQia says:

看過Nasi Lemak2.0的觀眾, 通常都會對這首Curry Neh (咖哩咧) 很有興趣:

anonymous says:

don’t watch, your lost. =D

malay_guy says:

i think this guy got talent…sincere from me

nkkhoo says:

Everyone got his/her own talent, just in the different field.

Nothing to boast about his creativity in arts. Why no top artists or singers buy his songs?

Jornes says:

Different people different thoughts, guy!
When you dislike something, you will not have the good feel for that something.

nkkhoo says:

Nothing to do with personal feeling, what he did with Malaysia anthem and flag for his own career promotion had insulted every right-minded Malaysian who love this country.

Should you also use four-letter words to curse a service provider openly for rendering poor service to you?

Farizuan says:

Tanpa kontroversi tiada publisiti.

Itulah TV3 Melodi yang mengajar artis Malaysia.

Naze666 says:

wondering why ur thought like this sir..

nkkhoo says:

How to support a person who tarnished the national anthem and flag to make fame for himself?

Wee is a tasteless and rude personality.