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Dana Johor Share Redeemed Price Revised to RM 1.00?

Dana Johor redeemed Malay investors with RM 1.00 and other non-bumi with RM 0.5.

Dr. Chua, this is Chinese discrimination issue. I knew this apartheid scheme inside out because my old mum is one of the small investors. This matter has been dragged on for ten years, 308 political tsunami has awaken BN don’t take non-bumis votes for granted.

Chua knows 35,000 Chinese and Indian shareholders and their families can teach BN a very bitter lesson in Johor. MCA and Dana Johor have to come out this new promise of RM1.00 redemption by year-end to all Chinese and Indian investors because they worry BN last fortress in Johor may be shattered.

I will follow-up this matter closely to see Chua’s promise is delivered or just like empty promises from PKR in Selangor.

Dana Johor to make payouts

JOHOR BARU: About 35,000 shareholders of Dana Johor can look forward to getting back their investments.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman told him that the shareholders would be paid back the initial sum they had invested.

He said presently, Johor Corporation (JCorp) was undergoing restructuring and the payouts could be expected at the end of the year as they were now financially capable.

“We hope that this will bring closure to an issue which has been lingering on and politicised by the opposition for about 10 years,” he said, adding that Dana Johor, which was previously sold at RM1 per unit has dropped to 20 sen.

Dr Chua said earlier shareholders were allowed to redeem the units at 50 sen each but now they could do so at RM1.

He said even those who had redeemed at 50 sen previously would be able to get back the balance.

“I would also like to stress that Chinese only make up 49% of the shareholders in Dana Johor while the remaining are non-Chinese,” he said, adding that the opposition had taken advantage of the situation and said that it was a Chinese issue which would not be resolved by the Government.

Dr Chua said the Dana Johor issue was among the many things discussed with Ghani during a special meeting with 23 state MCA leaders including himself on July 11.

On another matter, Dr Chua said MCA was not treating opposition plans to make inroads into Johor lightly and was working hard to serve the people.

Dr Chua acknowledged that DAP survived on issues and even Ghani agreed that the party had been going around accusing the state government of a lot of things.

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sahriman says:

do not say that way …. we Malays also feel discriminated regarding that issue.

nkkhoo says:

Malays got RM 1 redeemed whereas Chinese got RM 0.5.

Can you tell me why Malays also felt discriminated with 50% more refund than my old mum?

ken ho says:

chinese can invest in Gold trading !

nkkhoo says:

Some Chinese are too smart to cheat late comers in Ponzi scheme.

Jcool says:

if you have a good contact in MCA, sure can kau tim one because election is near. Afterall, MCA is desperate for votes.

Angah says:

The chinese in Johore is indebted to MCA for the support to the independent chiese schools although the certs are not recognized by Regime BN. This is because these chinese students traditionally pursue their higher education in Singapore with top students guaranteed Singapore scholarship. Why complain when MCA is helping their children to migrate to Singapore for better education and salary thereafter? PAP Government in Singapore is forever ‘terhutang budi’ kepada MCA!

N T MCA says:

who is exploting the rakyat but giving empty promise and hope. 1 malaysian will never happen if the discrimination is against others race is still prevail. Don’t accuse or blame opposition of accusing the government when such a simple promise is not fullfilled.

Repent now before it’s too late once the voter cast their precious vote