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Can PM Najib explains why 3 million illegal immigrants in the country?

Q1: Can PM Najib explains why 3 million illegal immigrants in the country?
A1: Police and Immigration Department fail to tackle the problem. They both carry “ROYAL”, a shame to royal institution.

Q2: Why Police and Immigration Department fail to carry out their jobs?
A2: Rampant corruption from politicians to enforcement agencies.

Q3: Why corruption is spreading like a wildfire?
A3: Because BN government is one of most corrupt governments in the world.

I give a real case example, each illegal immigrants in Muar has to pay RM30 monthly protection fee to local police.

Let me compute how much $$$ go into the pockets of police and immigration, two millions illegal immigrants number is used instead of three.

Total black money flows into the pockets of politicians and enforcement agencies = RM30 X 12 X 2,000,000 = RM 720 million per year

With about 100,000 police and immigration staff, each one of them will receive (on paper) RM7,200 to 10,000 per year. Of course the black money is not distributed equally.

Millions of illegal immigration overstay problem will be here forever if corruption is not eradicated or minimized.

60,151 Illegal Immigrants Registered In 10 Days In Sabah

SANDAKAN, July 28 (Bernama) — A total of 60,151 illegal immigrants were registered in Sabah on the 10th day of the nationwide illegal immigrant registration programme, which will end on Monday.

Sabah Immigration Department director, Mohamad Mentek said registration on Wednesday was the highest so far with 14,631 persons mostly from the plantation sector.

He said of the nine registration centres opened in the state, Sandakan district recorded the largest number of illegal immigrants at 12,048 followed by Lahad Datu (11,786), Tawau (9,639) and Kota Kinabalu (4,106).

He reminded illegal immigrants who have registered under the programme that they were given a registration copy which is not a travelling document for them to return to their country of origin.

They need to obtain proper travelling documents from their respective country consul offices for them to return home within two months after the programme ended on Monday, he said.


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