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Malaysia is a new base for Nigeria 419

I always see Negro students around Cheras area driving good cars. This Nigeria gang makes at least RM 1 billion each year from online cheating.

The gang had been around for 20 years and still a bunch of idiots were cheated by the same old trick. Those victims cheated can read English are not illiterate rural folks, the majority of them are professionals supposed come with brains to think and see thing rationally.

Education does not make a person less greedy is my observation and conclusion.

I think Malaysia universities should hire them to train our bumi students on how to cheat money online rather than waiting free handouts from NEP.

Later or sooner, emails from Malaysia will be blocked out by foreign governments because of Nigeria 419 gang based in Malaysia.

My question, why Malaysia is so lenient and loose on illegal entry for those criminals, many of them are using student permits to cover up their real identifies. The answer is in the early post.

Biggest cheating syndicate sets up base in Malaysia

ONE of the biggest cheating syndicates from Nigeria has made Malaysia its base, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The “Nigeria 419” gang – named after Section 419 of Nigeria’s criminal code pertaining to fraud schemes – is said to be the biggest cheating syndicate in the world so far.

The gang would recruit locals to assist them in their scams.

A Taiwan newspaper said the group chose Malaysia because it is a Muslim country and it even used former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s name to trick victims.

The daily also reported that the group was responsible for a RM460mil cheating scam in China recently.

Some of the syndicate members would claim that they were from Zambia or other African countries to avoid suspicion.

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