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Johor Sultanah is wrong and bias to say students from Chinese and Tamil schools only are poor in English

I hope Johor Sultanah can publish data on English proficiency level for all schools, not just point Her Majesty fingers to Chinese and Tamil schools. This is bias and unprofessional comment from a prestigious personality!

Mind Her Majesty, English standard of students from “Sekolah Kebangsaan” is not better than Chinese school IF we accept UPSR public examination as the yardstick for comparison.

If anyone thinks of abolishing Chinese and Tamil school idea is his/her freedom of speech, how about when someone suggests let abolish royal institution?

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Aries says:

Those Chinese-schooled (jenis kebangsaan) students in Johor went to Singapore universities/politechnics (some on ASEAN scholarship) and studied in English without any difficulty, as they are likely to pass in flying colors to be PRs or Singapore citizens upon graduation.

However, most students from sekolah kebangsaan (natonal school) cannot even write and speak in proper English.

We know the facts although we respect the opinion of Her Majesty.