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Who was lied to Malaysians? PM Najib or Bersih Ambiga

Judge yourself from this NTV7 news video clip broadcasted on 5 July 2011, four days before Berish 2.0 rally.


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Hijau Sekitar says:

When Najib said that UMNO will defend Putrajaya at all cost, it implies that UMNO is willing to commit all kinds of electoral fraud and immorality to win the next GE.

There are already many evidence of fraud attempts such as permanent resident on the electoral roll and quickly converted to citizen. This matter has to be investigated and exposed to the international community.

Aries says:

Najib has proven himself yet again to be an inveterate liar.

Shah Alam Stadium was an afterthought. If he had been truthful in the offer, he would not have ordered KL to be locked down, the police and FRU on standby to dish out the tear gas and water cannon on peaceful rally goers!

It was precisely because the police would never grant them a permit, even if Bersih applied for one and got to use the Shah Alam Stadium, the assembly would still be considered illegal and not allowed.

What difference would it make then if they were to march to Stadium Merdeka or Stadium Shah Alam? Both would be considered illegal. In the face of such wily games played by the Najib faction, and the little time to change plans and venues (had there been a genuine offer ), the only option left would be to march to Merdeka Stadium.

Bersih did not break the promise to assemble in a stadium. They were indeed marching to the stadium to conduct their rally. The snag was that they were prevented from doing so, and were brutally treated and disrupted. And Najib had the audacity to blame them for the ensuing “chaos” and “disturbances” which was none other than people running for cover from the tear gas and water cannon fired without any provocation from the rally participants!

Consider again, if Naiib DID offer the Shah Alam Stadium for the Bersih Rally and ordered the police to issue them a permit, surely Bersih would have readily accepted the offer. If that was the case, why locked down KL and put those men in blue on attack stand-by mode?

It was because Najib DID NOT offer anything, despite promising Bersih the use of a stadium, that he knew Bersih would go to the streets in KL, and there he would deal with them head-on! What a cunning and evil ruse Najib and Co. had hatched out! But we knew, his plans backfired. And he is now trying to cook one thousand and one stories to make himself look innocent by making bogeymen out of opposition political parties and their leaders.

nkkhoo says:

Taiwan Kuamingtang only reformed after defeated in the presidential election.

UMNO will still cling to the power through vote rigging.

Willy says:

The current BN is probably the weakest since independence. Partly it is a result of its own doing where party members are mostly for profit rather than for rakyat. The current leadership is as weak where it was unable to revamp BN to make it relevant to the rakyat despite a wake up call in 2008. All the lip service and contradictory actions make everything worse.

I do not believe that the current BN will make things any better for the country if they stayed in power and Malaysia definitely needs a breathe of fresh air politically. I think that drastic changes in BN will only happen if they lose the next election.