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8TV Tasteless and Racist Adv against Chinese

Chinese are just a punching bag for UMNO.

When UMNO needs a prostitute for fake Anwar’s tiger show, they got a Chinese girl.

When UMNO needs to buy over PKR Perak state assemblymen, they got a Chinese girl.

When UMNO needs a person with insensitivity towards Ramadan, they got a Chinese girl.

When UMNO needs a race to prove bumi is damned poor, possesses only 10% nation wealth, they got a Chinese tycoon.

When UMNO needs a sinful man to justify 4D license issuance, they got a Chinese gambler.

For UMNO racist Malays , Chinese are immoral, greedy and insensitive stock.

Yes, a Chinaman like me should wear songkok to show my respect to Muslims during the Ramadan.

Note: 8TV had withdrawn this adv after strong protests from multi-racial netizens.


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Even though 8TV has agreed to withdraw this stupid ad, it does not eliminate the fact of their lack of respect for non Malays.

Laticia says:

Media Prima is Umno and this is how they try to stir up racial issue before election?

Anyway I hardly watch 8TV becos I cannot tahan those Quickie hosts and those Chinese entertainment program hosts (those youg ones, not the newscasters who are doing a good job) like to syiok sendiri, thus easily becoming a tool for Umno without realising it.