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MCA is encouraging race-based system instead of meritocracy

Madam Tan, you are addicted to NEP race-based policy for too long, and you have never challenged UMNO on why no Chinese for car import APs, places in the MARA University, Petronas projects, etc.

Now, you are asking why no Chinese contractors are given DID projects in Penang? You are truly a shameless hypocrite!

I can answer you based on my own observations,

– Contractors grade F must be bumi under the apartheid policy of your BN government.

– Chinese contractors in BN Alibaba companies are weak and cannot compete with non-UMNO Malay contractors. In the meantime, there are no other competent Chinese private companies for public projects after 40 years of discrimination.

Penang Wanita MCA: Why no DID projects given to Chinese

PETALING JAYA: Penang Wanita MCA wants to know why not a single state Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) project was given to Chinese contractors.

Its chairman Tan Cheng Liang said she believed the Chinese contractors had submitted tender applications for the projects.

“Has the state deemed their applications incomplete.

“I am aghast and unable to comprehend why isn’t a single contract awarded to a Chinese contractor,” said Tan in response to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s statement on July 27, that contractors in all five districts for the DID projects were Malays, bumiputras and Indian Muslims of which women accounted for 20%.

Tan said since the DAP took over the state, not a single Chinese contractor in the five districts were given projects.

“The DAP-led state government should not simply award contracts to bumiputras to make themselves look fair.

“They should ensure that the contractors are capable of guaranteeing a successful completion of the projects and there will not be problems later,” she said.

Tan said there was proof that despite the support from the Chinese for Lim and DAP, the interest of the Chinese had been threatened after DAP came into power.

“They realise that they cannot rely on the Chinese forever but I hope the curry favour among other races is not done at the expense of the Chinese,” she said.

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Hijau Sekitar says:

The trouble with the MCA and UMNO is that they were looking for faults by Lim Guan Eng and his people. In their eagerness to attack the Penang government they do not investigate properly before smearing the good name of the government of Penang.
How is it that they do not realise this is the wrong way to win the confidence of the people. To win the people they must be more willing to really serve the people and find ways to help those in need.

In Sungai Petani, for example, when police cadets came to our residential area, and asked what were the problems faced by the people, the MCA told them there were none, apparently to let the cadets believe there was no necessity to help while other bodies showed the problems that exist to this day, problems which had even been published in the newspapers a number of times. How can the MCA win the hearts of the people when it is not willing to want to solve the problems? This is what the MCA needs to do; SINCERELY DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG, DON’T BEND THE FACTS, AND RIGHT THE WRONGS FOR THE PEOPLE.