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Penang CM is better not to bring up RM 25 million heritage fund dispute to Unesco

This is my email fired to YB Lim Guan Eng, and I hope he read it himself.

Sub: Please check your fact before you complain to UNESCO

Dear YB Lim,

Federal government actually is more kind to Penang than Melaka.

Why? Federal government allocated RM25 million to Think City while Melaka state government only received RM6 million out of RM30 million promised by Pak Lah so far.

Pak Lah had never promised the heritage funds disburse directly to state governments, I believe as long as RM25 million under Think City is well spent on the heritage preservation projects in the Georgetown, you should have no case and complaint against Federal government.

Bring up this RM25 million fund allocation procedural dispute to Unesco will make yourself humiliated in front of Unesco and neutral thinking Malaysians.

I am anti-BN, but I have to say you politicized this issue is not going to give you more merits.

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Sembang Betul says:

Based on the articles written and speaking with my buddies living in Penang, all have indicated Penang as a success story under LGE’s leadership. I do not know LGE personally but I do know that PG residents I have talked to find him to be a very simple, humble person. Further, are you willing to go to jail to fight for the rights of a little girl that does not share the same ethnicity as you, that was ALLEGEDLY raped by some powers that be? Until someone is willing to do what LGE has done in this matter, he or she should get off the moral highground and give this guy some well earned respect. I have no business with LGE but I certainly do respect what he has done in the past.

When PR took over Penang, there were low-hanging fruits left by decades of abuses of BN to gain political mileage. Truth be told, the going get only tougher even as PR gain more experience and assets to manage the state. PR is actually helped by continue screw-up of UMNO/BN especially at the Federal level and the pathetic entrenchment of failed and hopeless leaders in UMNO/BN Penang.

But PR Penang has an opportunity to forever change the future of this country, the very course of this nation if it leads in remarkable way. For that kind of remarkable achievement, it needs not assets although it helps and make it easier, it need breakthrough ideas, many of them AND it need to break free of the hindering Federal govt. If PR can capture Putrajaya, then Penang PR job will be much easier and one of its first priority is to set it up so that it is never ever dependent of Putrajaya even if BN takes over again although it will be unlikely a fallen BN can rise back anytime soon.

nkkhoo says:

Are you telling me that those people stay longer in the jail are more qualified to be top leaders?

There are more people arrested under ISA and put in jail for more than 10 years. My neighbor is one of them. He should be given a post higher than LGE?

MCA was doing good job in 50s, are you still grateful to MCA past record?

Let forget what good stuff LGE did in the past since he was already awarded with CM post.

I respect LGE, but such respect does not stop me to criticize him or anyone for present and future wrongdoings.

Power makes people corrupt, PR politicians are not exception IF they cling power to Putrajaya.