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Another UMNO way to rob rakyat and destroy our heritage

UMNO crony takes KL MRT project as a Godsend excuse to grab land from the owners, mostly are Chinese.

1. There is no need to acquire land for underground tunnel MRT project. The exits of MRT station can be built on top of nearby Klang river and underneath the Klang Bus Station.

2. Jalan Sultan and its surrounding areas are priceless heritage jewel especially for Chinese. UMNO will not hesitate to take down old memory and history of Chinese pioneers’ footprints on the development of Kuala Lumpur.

3. UMNO crony acquires the land at low price now and then resell them after the MRT project is completed for a huge profit.

This is the ultimate purpose of uncalled for land acquisition in the Chinatown by UMNO crony.

Shopowners want to preserve Petaling Street as a heritage site


Bringing down the 100-year-old buildings along Jalan Sultan will mean bringing down Petaling Street — the country’s heritage site thronged by millions of tourists from all over the world.

The tenants and shopowners were shocked to learn about the acquisition from officers from the Land and Mines Office who showed up at their premises recently.

One of the tenants admitted that he saw a notice for land acquisition lying around the shops in February but did not pay attention as it was not directed at anyone.

They only received the Form E issued by the Land Office under the Land Acquisition Act 1960 on different days last week, informing that they had to get prepared for a meeting with the land administrator on Sept 5 or 6, on matters of compensation.

Century-old: Jalan Sultan has been a bustling place since a century ago as it was the centre for early Chinese settlers.

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Sam Utd says:

maybe if the govt plugged all the financial leakages from corrupt deals (eg. pkfz, submarines, mas etc) and the giveaway of govt assets to political cronies, they would find they have more money to manage the situation better. of course, buying off civil servants and pensioners is good too….but how about the rest of us?

Roslan says:

Village folks who still support umno are usually senior citizens. They still carry with them fond memories of umno’s early struggle. Umno are them and they are umno. That is the sentiment that binds them to this day. But as a group, these aging village supporters are certainly dwindling in number.

Younger malays are more disconnected with umno and hence they are less sentimental about the party. Like the rest of the voters they too are (more likely than not) pursuaded and moved by issues rather than sentimental ties.

nkkhoo says:

More younger generations are educated up to tertiary level, they are cornerstone of the new civil society.