709 Bersih 2.0 >>>

Dear Mis-information Minister Rais Yatim, where is my RM50?

I am still waiting someone pays me RM50 for joining Bersih rally.

Where is my cheese, YB Rais Yatim?

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anson says:

Those Finas-sponsored malay movies have never reflect multi-racial society in Malaysia. When you see Chinese in malay movies, they are usually typecast as komunis (see Bukit Kepong, Pagoh, and drama like Platun Harimau), or gangster/ah long. Even with Chinese producer like David Teo of Metrowealth, you do not see any deviation from the above formula (Finas guidelines?)

Forget about the silly past antics of Namewee, his nasi lemak 2.0 movie has changed the trend as he could get Adflin Shauki, Adibah Noor, Reshmonou and David Arumugam to join force for a Malaysian movie.

I will not be surprised if Namewee is courted by Najib in his desperate bid to win Chinese votes.

nkkhoo says:

Namewee already invited by PM Najib to his office for a dinner, you will see his and Najib group photo on the front page of The Star and Utusan.

Jeremy says:

I took pictures at the bersih rally.

I got a few photos with ypu face clearly shown – judging from the t-shirt you wore.

I will send it to other bloggers to expose your true identity, because you are not Zorro but a mca doubleagent.

nkkhoo says:

Send it to Hisham and Rais Yatim is much better. I will very scare of your terrorism tactic.

I cover my face is not I worry about my real identify, but not to make fame as Wee Chee Meng.

Don’t you think Mahathir never know me, they sue me before. LOL

Fuck you head off, DAP dog.

Sorry for other bloggers for seeing me using 4 letter words.