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Malay language is a bastardized version of English

Bahasa Melayu is slowing evolving into Indonesian language with a ton of borrowed words from English and Dutch languages.

Please translate this sentence into Bahasa Malaysia, “Access to accountability is not the principle of cocooned family.”

Malay: Akses terhadap akauntabiliti bukan prinsip untuk famili berkokun.

5 words are borrowed terms from English, another three words are pure Malay language.

Can someone tells me this is Malay or English language? Are you, especially Malay folk feels proud with this kind of bastardized national language?

How about “akho” for asshole?

Anyway, I had stopped reading any BM newspapers and magazines after Form 6. I read Dewan Masyarakat since Form 2, and found many Malay students in Form 5 still got hard time to understand contents in Dewan Masayarakat written in their native language.

New words gain ‘akses’ into Kamus Dewan

By Ili Liyana Mokhtarand Ling Poh Lean

KUALA LUMPUR: Akauntabiliti (accountability), kokun (cocoon) and akses (access) are some of the newest entries in Kamus Dewan, which had 30,000 new Bahasa Malaysia words when the first edition was published in 1970.

Since then, more than 50,000 other words have made their way into the dictionary which is into its fourth edition.

A Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) committee comprising eight to 10 linguists screens newspapers and other material daily in search of new words for inclusion in Kamus Dewan.

DBP lexicography head Ratna Inzah Mohd Asri said experts from various fields would be called in if the word concerns specific fields such as science and technology, religious terms, dialects and slang.

“Occasionally,we will call in university professors to sit in the committee if there is a need,” she said.

While Kamus Dewan is seen as a complete reference for those learning the language, it is advisable for students to use Kamus Pelajar.

Ratna explained that unlike Kamus Dewan, Kamus Pelajar has more standard words suitable for the Bahasa Malaysia school syllabus.

Parents anxious about their children picking out the correct words and missing out on new words can also refer to DBP’s official website

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great thinker says:

The very concept that a language cannot survive without borrowing words from other languages appears to be not fully understood by the DBP. The purpose of loaning foreign words is to absorb foreign concepts, not those already present in one’s culture, as in ‘bahasa rojak’.

Let me try to render that phrase again: Capaian kepada kebertanggungjawaban tidak penting buat keluarga yang menyepi. (A little less word-for-word now)

nkkhoo says:

tanggungjawab is a noun.