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British rioter in Penang?

Hisham, this is nothing to do with “bad example” shown by the Bersih rally.

Penang DAP offices have been vandalized and burned several times, none of these cases are resolved by Police.

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kupusamy says:

I was initially skeptical about how Penang would change under the new leadership, but a trip up North certainly cemented my opinion on how well Penang is doing.

I was quite pleased to know that Penang has one of the best hospital in the country at present, my friends from high school in Petaling Jaya are now moving up there to practice medicine and those who are pharmaceutical sales reps are also moving there for greener pastures.

A couple of months back, I was in Europe and actually met older people there who have either been to Penang to have their medical treatments done, or who are also aware and planning to go there.

Is it also any surprise that Penang now is one state which has attracted the highest amount of FDI’s, especially from electronics and medical product manufacturers? You would be surprised how many engineers are moving there too for the R&D facilities offered there.

I do not pretend that Pakatan is ready for the federal seat yet, some of you may differ, but just having them make logical, sensible and fairer policies are making Penang such a better place to live.

This must have a good co-relation with the hike in Penang property price as more are flocking to stay in the island.

With more transparency and less leakage to corruption, the state liquid asset has been boosted from RM1.025 billion in 2008 to RM1.131 billion last year.

tunglang says:

i think penagites will soon start charity drives to collect fund for a bigger DAP HQ, towering above the UMNO building at Macalister Road.
Can you ask Muar folks to donate as well ?