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UMNO Apartheid :: Full overseas JPA scholarships for Malay Muslims in New York, United Kingdom, UK, New Zealand, Qatar, Bangalore & Australia. Indians segregated and excluded.

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kupusamy says:

I wonder why Hindraf is not inspired by the current hunger strike by Anna Hazare in India to protest against corruption?

Sanil says:

They will not go hunger strike as they are being fed with goodies to keep quiet by you-know-who.

Ghani Komtar says:

indians unless converted to muslims will not enjoy such “elite” benefits.

nkkhoo says:

Not true, Muslim mamaks are still not entitled for bumi status.

kupusamy says:

The Indians are to blame themselves to be cornered into ‘Estate Dilemma’ by BN. They have never learnt despite decades of manipulation and deception by MIC, notably in the Maika scandal. For some instant goodies from BN, they have doused any diminishing flame in Hindraf. Indians tried to escape the estate lifestyle but cannot venture far with little assistance and support, only to see their estate jobs are now taken over by the foreign workers that have outnumbered them. They should learn from the current anti-graft Gandhi spirits in India, to turn the tide in the next election.