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30% bumi quota in NEP, now 43% in ETP

This inflated KL MRT project is another UMNO project to rob nation wealth for UMNO Malays. Besides, among the bumi quota, how many % is for non-Malay contractors?

The main contractos are already 100% bumi (UMNO Malay crony is a correct description), and 43% subcontracts are giving out to Malay contractors without open tender.

UMNO even wanted to rob Chinese shophouses in the Chinatown under the name of MRT. %$#@@#%$%

1Malaysia stands for 1Malay + sia-sia for others.

RM8bil joy for bumiputra contractors

KUALA LUMPUR: More than RM8bil worth of projects will be awarded to bumiputra companies as part of the MY Rapid Transit (MRT) project, according to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said several packages in the RM20bil project had been specially allocated to bumiputra contractors.

The packages are civil and infrastructure works, Tenaga Nasional Bhd power supply, centralised procurement, tunnel and underground works, and MRT systems, he said after chairing the fifth Bumiputra Agenda action council meeting yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Bumiputra Agenda Coordinating Unit (Teraju) in the Prime Minister’s Department said procurement strategies for the MRT project had been approved by the one-stop procurement committee headed by Najib, who is also finance minister.

Paying his dues: Najib performing the fourth pillar of Islam by paying his tithes to collector Mohd Zulrushdi Salleh after Friday prayers at Masjid Putra in Putrajaya yesterday. — Bernama

Since its inception, Teraju has been working to increase bumiputra participation in the mega project by securing opportunities for bumiputra contractors under Class D, E, and F and ensure “economies of scale” in the centralised procurement.

Teraju said packages worth RM200mil had been set aside for contractors in Class D, E and F to undertake civil and infrastructure works.

Meanwhile, at a breaking of fast at the Foreign Ministry, Najib said the Government would ensure democracy flourished in the country and would not tolerate anarchy.

The Prime Minister said the Government would provide space for dissent but would not allow riots and disturbances to public order.

“We have always championed democracy from day one but will not tolerate anarchy and riots.

“We know the way forward is for us to allow room and space for dissent but at the same time to uphold the rules and laws,” he said.

Also present were Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman and members of foreign missions, including ambassadors and high commissioners.

Najib said the Government would review many things, including censorship laws and ensure that there would be space for society to show dissent in an orderly manner.

He said events happening around the world showed that law and order could not be taken for granted.

“Who would have imagined the event (riots) in London, a cradle of democracy.

“If such a homogeneous society can break down, what more a diverse society like Malaysia which is very plural.

“I am not saying that everything is perfect in Malaysia … we are far from it but are working on it,” he said.

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Too Lan says:

malays can never achieve the equity target. Because they cash out whatever given to them for instant gratification to syiok sendiri and to show off to others with new car, additional wife, holiday in Europe,… knowing that NEP will continue to provide endless cash flow for them via contracts to ali baba…

That’s why Ghani Komtar in Penang have been making unfounded accusations and noise to Penang government (black cakes, coffin, leopard-print bikinis..) because he can no longer enjoy those ‘perks’ with the introduction of CAT system.

Ravi says:

it is true that top 1% of umnoputera controls at least 25% of the bumi equity of the country. That’s why they need NEP to enable them to gulp up more.

Harudin says:

BN does not appear to have any sound economic plan for Malaysia. Instead they rely on pumping money into big projects to make them sound glamorous, and giving handouts to buy votes. We should start assessing government project on the basis of RoI, instead of total amount spent.

nkkhoo says:

Even they come out ROI for any giant project, an independence committee from NGOs and opposition has to be appointed to review ROI and project transpancy.

Billions can be saved from KV MRT if we follow Beijing and Hong Kong MRT project model.

Beijing’s 168 KM lonf full underground MRT only cost RM30 billion. This should be used as our benchmark.

Dabangg of Muar says:

S$1 = RM2.50
in 2020, maybe S$1 = RM3.50
no wonder 57% of “migrated” educated workforce of Malaysia iare in Singapore right now.

prepare your children for southward bound. score 5A+ in SPM Temasek Institutions will come knocking at your door with incentives !!!!

nkkhoo says:

Two nephews born in Singapore already naturalized as kiasu citizens without a problem. They even got monetary aid from PAP government as new citizens.

Another nephew in Melaka who scored 9A1 and 2A2 in SPM two years ago, yet not a single scholarship was offered for him.

He managed to enter UKM for a microbiology course this year with his 2A and 2B STPM result.

jjkoh says:

When it comes to projects where
(1) opportunities for ‘pocketing percentage’ looms large and
(2) there is pre-election sandiwara mileage to capitalise on,

Do you think UMNO (does MCA matter?) will give two hoots about historical or heritage value of Jln Sultan shop houses?

Truly Asia?
It means them running off to Europe/US/Canada/Australia to build empires there with the pocketed riches and leave us ordinary folks to pick the ruins.

jjkoh says:

Need to add that the proposed land grab under the guise of the MRT project reeks of sinister, insidious intentions, double standards, short-sightedness and bad faith on the part of the BN government.

It also highlights the lack of acumen and unwillingness to learn from similar projects from other countries which are superbly managed and economically viable. Please wake up UMNO/BN. The way things are being abuse to the hilt for the benefits of cronyism, corruption and utter mismanagement of taxpayers’ monies are, to say the least, astounding and incredulous.

Very soon, Malaysia, for sure, are going the experience financial bankruptcy /crisis ala Greece(present day) or Argentine/Chile during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

1QPR says:

whatever equity given to umnoputeras, they will surely cash-out in no time to belanja on 4 wives, kereta mewah & kenduri. They know that there is no point in keeping such equity so that NEP can never meet its target to become a perpetual policy to benefit them. That’s teraju to them.

CSL is only giving ‘temporary relief’ to those owners of Jn Sultan shophouses until the PRU13. Those mca flers may get a cut in the MRT project, and selling out to the community they claim to be representing.