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Indonesian workers can leave now if they refuse to obey by the Malaysian laws

Indonesian ambassador said “We will increase the wages (Indonesian workers in Malaysia) effective Sept 1. Take it or leave it.”

You can leave now, many local general rakyat will cheer out loudly for your brave decision.

The foreign worker levy should be increased by 10 folds, not the peanut RM50.

Bosses say no to higher levy for foreign workers


PUTRAJAYA: The levy on foreign workers in all sectors will be increased by RM50 effective Sept 1 a move that has seen opposition from employers and even the Indonesian authorities.

The new levy for maids and agriculture workers will be RM410; plantation (RM590); production and construction (RM1,250); and service sector (RM1,850).

The new rates for Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan would be RM1,010 for workers in the production and construction sectors, and RM1,490 for the service sector.

For the other sectors, the levies are the same as in the peninsula.

Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam, who announced the increase yesterday, said it was among the initiatives suggested by the foreign national management laboratory.

“The decision was made after careful consideration including taking into account that the last increase was in 2005,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said the extra RM50 levy charged would cost employers a total of RM85mil, based on the 1.7 million legal foreign workers in the country.

“We do not support the move although we support the Government’s plan to reduce dependence on foreign workers,” he said.

Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) acting president Jeffrey Foo said the increase would not affect their business but employers would object.

The Indonesian Embassy, meanwhile, has threatened to increase the minimum wage for all its workers in Malaysia if the RM50 levy increase is maintained.

“The majority of Indonesian workers in the country are still paying for their own levy. No action has been taken against the employers who are supposed to be paying the levy,” said the embassy’s minister counsellor for information, social and cultural affairs Suryana Sastradiredja.

There are about 900,000 Indonesian workers in the country.

Mahmood, in his announcement, said the existing rates would still apply for all first-time applications received by the ministry before Thursday.

“The old rates are also applicable for application for an extension of the temporary working visit passes which expire before Sept 1.

For maids, the new levy for second and subsequent domestic workers was RM590, he added.

Mahmood said the levy increase was to cover the costs incurred by the Government in implementing the biometric system for the registration of foreign workers as well as upgrading the Immigration Department’s computer system.

“We had initially planned to increase the levy from June 1 but decided to postpone it as the biometric system was still new and needed to be tested first,” he said, adding that the Government had engaged with employer groups to discuss the increase.

He said almost RM200mil had been spent in the implementation of both systems as well as the new “code” placed in the passport of every foreign worker.

“It is a sticker, similar to the visa sticker, and is placed in the passport. Each one carries a unique code.”

Mahmood said all vital information about the worker could be obtained with a scan of the “code”.

On the biometric programme, Mahmood said a total of 2,248,940 foreign workers and illegal immigrants had been registered as of 8.30am yesterday.

Of this, 1,242,813 were illegals.

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jjkoh says:

About time to offer locals better wages and reduce the intake of Indons to help reduce social ills in the country.

I guess certain ‘agencies’ (govenment and private) are profiting from intake of foreigners. Thus the supply is always there, even after 6P.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO goons, Police and Immigration are the parties profiteering from illegal immigrants. That why you see three millions aliens in our backyard.