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No Chinese primary school named after donor's name in history

My friend’s grandfather is a main donor for my primary school, and yet the name of the school was never named after him. I do not know there is any single Chinese school named after the donor, please correct me if I am wrong.

Chee Wen Chinese Primary school original name should be remained forever, and not changed to the name of donor or the name of donor’s father.

The director board for the school is truly sycophant, they offered school name change in exchange of RM 3 million donation from SunWay boss, Cheah.

The donation is not purely in good faith from the property company, the presence of a Chinese school will adding value to properties in the Subang Jaya.

Many Chinese donated millions in the past, and not a single school was named after them.

Build your own private school and name it after your grandfahter’s name is your own business, please do not encroach and spoil our long tradition for not naming public school with someone name.

This is a bad precedence and discourage Chinese general public to make donation to Chinese school.

Deputy Education Minister, Wee is truly a sucker, he announced the name change during a function where Jeffrey Cheah also attended is already a bad political move. Wee Kah Siang is living in the closet and out of touch with the Chinese community by approving the school name change.

When he sensed Chinese were objecting the name change and felt angry with his brainless action, he pushed the responsibility to school board by washing his hands off.

We used to call him behind his back as “kang yan”, a cunning person in Cantonese when he was a student in my university.

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Stella says:

Problem will be solved if Jeffrey Cheah renames his son as Cheah Chee Wen. This is a win-win solution. Simple & effective.

TBK says:

All donor’s contribution is highly appreciated & appraised all time.
However, the change of school name in such a manner is AGAINST ALL PRINCIPLES, no matter what rational you have.

Alan says:

What about other donor???. This make him like ” the ONLY boss” , I worry this will “keep away” many other donor from contributing to Chee Wen,

we do sincerely appreciate his effort in contributing to chee Wen development and hope he will continue doing so.

I think is those ” polish shoe boy ” That suggested this and causing all this problem.

ps su says:

i wonder when all chinese school in malaysia will rename to SJKC DA MA CAI

Ching Xiang says:

Cheah should be brave enough to fork out more than RM3 million to build a new school to be named after his father, if he desperately wants the world to recognize his father.

nkkhoo says:

A scholarship fund, poor man food fund, etc. can be named after his father’s name with his kindness to fork out 3 million.

Keep away Chinese schools from your fame seeking, political ideology, etc.

Siong says:

I think LimKokWing university is the only one in the world that a living person set up to honor his own name?

And maybe Cheah is trying the short-cut way to emulate him?

nkkhoo says:

That kind of paranoid should be fine for me as long as the university is his personal property.

Ching Xiang says:

I also lernt that SJK Chee Wen in Subang Jaya is to be renamed. The new name will be the father of Jeffrey Cheah of Sunway Group. This is after Jeffrey cheah has agreed to donate RM1m to the school.

Residents of Subang Jaya, parents of students, alumni and others who have donated over the years are up in arms and are calling for an investigation as to why this is done in hush hsuh manner. It is acceptable to name a hall, library or even classroom block after a donor, but to drop the decades old name for RM1m is scandalous. Question has been raised as to whether Malaysia now has adopted a ”highest bidder get school name”policy. It is also learnt that dep minister of education Wee Ka Siong has already approved the change.

nkkhoo says:

I read from the papers said RM 3 million donation was made by Cheah. Cheah claimed he did not ask for school name change, the initiative was from Lee Hua Meng, the advisor for the school board of directors.

Please cancel the school name change for no proper consultation with the parents, ex-students, other donors, etc.