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Those against British administration are freedom fighters

I am not supporting violent revolution by the communists, but have to correct Abdul Ghani that those against British colonialism in Malaya are freedom fighters including Mat Indera and Chin Peng.

I have no objection for Chin Peng to be classified as rebel for his armed subversion after 31 August 1957.

This is a historical fact, its interpretation can be varied to suit different political needs.

There are Malay scholars and Johor historians claim Mat Indera is not a communist.

When the emergency was officially declared by British, a war declaration was made against communists and left-wing freedom fighters.

You as a police and army either kill the bandits or bandits kill you. If you don’t want to be killed in a cross fire, go join “tukang sapu jalan”.

Attack against Bukit Kepong Police station is a parcel of legal war, the communists allowed policemen to surrender first, they refused. Nothing wrong as per Geneva convention for a warring party attacks opponent after sufficient warning and opportunity to surrender is duly given.

Blame the British to incite civil war, not the communist and left-wing freedom fighters.

Mat Indera Not Independence Fighter But Terrorist, Says Abdul Ghani

NUSAJAYA, Sept 7 (Bernama) — Ahmad Indera or Mat Indera, who was involved in the struggles against the colonialists when the country was under the British rule, was not a freedom fighter but a cruel terrorist.

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said that based on historical facts concerning the Bukit Kepong incident, Mat Indera purposely became a member of the Malaysian Communist Party (MCP) as Head of the cruel 10th Regiment and was a threat to public safety then.

“When the British enforced the Emergency Law on June 19, 1948 in Malaya, all left-wing political parties such as the Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM), Angkatan Wanita Sedar (AWAS), Angkatan Pemuda Insaf (API) and MCP had been banned.

“As such, all members of the leftist movement had chosen either to remain quiet, flee to Singapore, unite with the MCP militants or to continue the struggle under different platforms including joining the United Malay National Organisation (Umno).

“However, Mat Indera had chosen to become a member of the militant and violent communist movement in the MCP’s armed struggle against the British administration,” he told reporters after chairing the Johor Exco meeting, here Wednesday.

Abdul Ghani disclosed this when commenting on the action by the PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, yesterday in defending his statement that Mat Indera and the communist terrorists in the bloody incident at the Bukit kepong Police Station were the true independence fighters.

According to Mohamad or Mat Sabu, this was based on the book “Pengkukir Nama Johor” in pages 107 until 117 which described the background and struggles of Mat Indera written by Ismail Adnan.


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Too Lan says:

Melaka Sultan did not trust Hang Tuah. So it is not surprised that the subsequent Sultans trusted the British more than their own people.