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It's right time to review water price sold to Singapore

Although Malaysia has never threatened to cut off water supply to Singapore, yet Singapore old Lee has pestered Malaysia several times in the past with war threat on water issue.

Foreign Minister Anifah said we do not need to take war threat from LKY seriously since he is no more a spokesperson for Singapore. This is a pathetic response against an international bully.

Malaysia should not continue to supply our precious resource, water at dirt cheap price to affluent Singapore for another 51 year.

3 sen per 1000 gallons is ridiculous low price, it’s right time to review raw water price under the 1962 water agreement signed with Singapore. The raw water price sold should be adjusted to Singapore GDP growth rate and market price.

The water agreement signed with Singapore allows Malaysia to revise water price AFTER 20 year, not on 20 year as claimed by Singapore. Any dispute on water agreement should be handled by a tribunal court in Johor.

The international law should be observed by Malaysia on water price revision according to agreement, and if Singapore refuses to pay up for a new price dictated by Malaysia, Malaysia has the legal rights to cut off water supply after a proper notice is given to Singapore.

Do you think UMNO and Perkasa goons dare to take on military challenge from LKY? Obviously, they are not, they only good to bully Malaysian Chinese with kris and silat.

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Li Qing Xiang says:

only last paragraph make sense.

anything b4 last paragraph must go to international arbitration court, like losing the 2-stone pulau.

nkkhoo says:

Go read the agreement first before you come here to talk cock. I hope people like you can read and understand legal documents like the water agreement.

An agreement is an agreement, there is no clause or provision to allow arbitration in the World Court of Justice (Mind you, no such thing is called international arbitration court)

Don’t wasting time to post here if you have nothing to say. A click will delete your worthless comments which I have no hesitate to do it again and again.

Li Qing Xiang says:

you should replace rais when come to negotiating with little red dot. maybe can win back the 2 stones.

don’t be too complacent as you may hv to buy newater from little red dot when your water run dry.

nkkhoo says:

Rais is a hopeless senile who should retire for goodsake.

Singapore gathered a team of law experts while Malaysia let the Ghani (his got general degree like Karpal Singh) attorney office alone to handle this court case.

Malaysia lost the stone mainly due to Rais could not find the original reply from Johor state secretary to Singapore.

Do you know why already processed newater has to mix with the raw water imported from Johor? Long-term consumption on such no mineral contents water will hinder children brain growth.

Go drink newater if you want your children grow up as idiots.

Too Lan says:

You seems to be very cynical towards the success of Singapore. We must give credit to them.

Singapore is always one up against Malaysia bcos BN leaders are corrupted and ce an easily ‘bought’. That’s why that ‘original reply from Johor state secretary to Singapore’ is already in the safe hand of Singapore government. That’s why PAP favors BN as it is easy to deal with corrupted administration as money talks.

nkkhoo says:

I have a few relatives in Singapore and make a living from Singapore success. What benefits I gain?

Criticize someone with fact is not a jealousy or with ulterior motive, if you are in this stock, you either suffering inferior complexity syndrome or just another politician.