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Malaya was a protected state, a sovereign nation??

UMNO scholars twisted again to say Malaya was British protected states, not colonized states.

I advise those professors (not sure from which third-class universities) to open a good dictionary to understand what is sovereignty.

Malay sultans lost control for everything except for Islam and Malay customs matters to British, yet these professors shamelessly to claim Malaya was a sovereign nation.

Who pay the salary of policemen in the Bukit Kepong police station? The Johor sultan or British administration?

Can Prof. Khoo Kay Kim and Tun Hanif answer this basis historical question?

If the salary was paid by Johor Sultan, then Mat Sabu is wrong to say Mat Indera is a freedom fighter.

If the salary was paid by British, then Mat Sabu is right.

This is objective historical evidence beyond doubt.

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Li Qing Xiang says:

a talent like you should be utilized in 3rd force now.

nkkhoo says:

Raja Petra is a better candidate. I do not like his style, but I will support him if he forms a third force party in future.

Too Lan says:

RPK has lost his credibility after giving in to TV3.

nkkhoo says:

Human is not perfect, one mistake is ok, repeat the same mistake is not ok.

Dabangg of Muar says:

nkkhoo, you got your senses right and should engage Prof Khoo !
Regarding the rakyat RM50 million for Penang sPICE, have you got the info from the right source ? If true, worth probing without fear or favour. Otherwise, you just lose your credibility. Kind advice from fellow Muar folk.

nkkhoo says:

Don’t ask silly and unthoughtful question in my blog, please.

I followed up from day one the sPICE was announced, even invited by MPPP for a roundtable discussion.

I told LGE (by email because I missed the meeting with him), MPPP should not fork out RM50 million for such a BOT in return for no profit-sharing.

Evan says:

Mr nkkhoo

When you use words like silly on your reader, it will backfire on you in the long term. I hope you take this as a constructive feedback as you can ruin your potential with needless remarks and sarcastic label.

You must learn to accept other’s opinion, as much as you have been pushing your strong views on numerous blog discussion.

nkkhoo says:

I know what is objective opinion and what is nonsense question. I just delete a personal attack comment against Chua Soi Lek.

I do not need to please such a reader for any credibility. A fact is always a fact no matter how you dislike it.

LGE is a good leader does not mean he is immune from negative comments against his policy.