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Repost :: A karma from squeezing out Robert Kuok by UMNO Pirate


“For the self-interests of their cronies, they arm-twisted to take over Kuok’s Sugar Empire, cronies get rich by 1 billion or so, but it causing huge losses of more than 20 billion each year to the country!”

Recently, BN government has offended Robert Kuok, Malaysian economy suffered a great blow consequently!

After the official visit of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to Malaysia, Najib government now is truly understood Robert Kuok’s personal influence on China!

In order to benefit their cronies, they arm-twisted to swallow Robert Kuok’s sugar empire. The cronies get richer by 1 billion or so, but it causing losses of more than 20 billion to the country!

Those who have accessed to insider news can only curse to core and pull out his/her hairs!

Malaysia sugar king was forced to leave Malaysia, but became the world’s sugar king! He bought the world’s largest sugar mills in Australia, invested USD 10 billion in the sugar farm in Indonesia with the goal of developing it to the world’s largest sugar refining producer, living up to the name of the world’s sugar king.

On the other hand, Malaysia government enriched its cronies at the expense of national interests. For those who have insider news, Kuok offered tremendous help to the Malaysian government in the past few decades, he has done everything possible; but what the government did was like what you will get when you turn over a pig stomach: faeces.

In other words, Najib Government is UNGRATEFUL!

In the “Confidential” news, it is about the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Malaysia recently, it hit a snag with Najib.

Prior to Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Malaysia, Najib and his cabinet on more than one occasion, hinted that he hoped China will double the amount of palm oil import from Malaysia.

We all know that China is the largest consumer of palm oil from Malaysia. Rapid economic growth in the recent years, China became the largest palm oil market for Malaysia, but Malaysia has also facing a strong competition from Indonesia, trying to sell its palm oil at lower prices to China and India, which will diluting Malaysian market share.

This threat is a great concern for Najib.

Najib hoped to sign a new palm oil trading contracts with Premier Wen Jiabao in order to more than double the average 10 million tonnes monthly export to China. But Wen Jiabao came to a Malaysia, Najib was told that this request is unlikely to be fulfilled. It was an utter disappointment.

Najib knows the Chinese market demand, import one million tonnes of palm oil per month is still not a constraint for China.

So, what is the problem? The problem is Sugar King, Kuok does not agree!

Why the Sugar Kuok is able to influence China’s decision to buy Malaysian palm oil?

The China cooking oil market is monopolized by who? The China cooking oil market leader is “Arowana” brand cooking oil, accounting for nearly 40% of its market share! The Arowana cooking oil boss, is Robert Kuok!

Think about it, if Premier Wen Jiabao on behalf of the Chinese government buys the Malaysian palm oil. Who is going to refine it into cooking oil? Of course, it is the private enterprises! With its 40% market share, if Arowana cooking oil company refuses to buy more, how the Chinese government is going to absorb the extra import volume?

Najib was insensible from the start, and did not know Kuok had such a big influence in China. He had helped cronies, forced Robert Kuok to give up the Malaysian sugar king throne, and didn’t expect to have such quick retribution.

Kuok was forced to pack and leave Malaysia, his heart is of course very unhappy. People of Malaysia must know that during the early days of independence, we did not have aviation talent pool, Alliance government requested Kuok’s father to help set up Malayan Airways.

In 1970 Malaysian maritime shipping industry is also in vacuum, Malaysian government sent representatives to Hong Kong to personally invite Kuok for assistance. For the national development sake, Kuok put aside his Group business, came back to Malaysia to assist Government in establishing a national maritime shipping industry, this later renamed to MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING CORPORATION, MISC in short.

Robert Kuok gave his hand when Malaysia repeatedly faced the economic difficulties in Mahathir era. Even in MCA Tan Koon Swan’s case, it was Robert Kuok who paid the bail! Malaysia’s successive governments, from the National Front to BN, owed Robert Kuok a lot. But Malaysian Government was ungrateful, using the high-handed trick and no sugar price rise excuse to forcefully take over Kuok’s sugar empire in Malaysia.

This is not ungrateful?

Deng Xiaoping made a comeback in the 70s, announced China’s reform and needed most generous help of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs; Robert was first to take actions to help Deng. Among the other entrepreneurs of Chinese economic miracle are Henry Fok and Li Ka-shing Hong Kong. Malaysian entrepreneur Robert Kuok is the first to response to Deng Xiaoping’s appeal and built the China’s first five-star hotel, Shangri-La in Beijing.

With over 30 years of close-knit relationship with the Chinese government and its top leadership, Kuok has great influence on them. Najib failed to recognize that. This is why the quote at the top of this post : “For the interests of their cronies, they arm twisted to take over Kuok’s Sugar Empire, cronies get rich by 1 billion or so, but it causing huge losses of more than 20 billion each year to the country!”

Kuok’s sugar empire was eaten up by the fat vampire’s family abruptly. Imagine, a world renowned international trade business personality, what humiliation he received in return for his single-minded help all this while for his own country & government? And Najib would never think that the consequences of offending the Sugar King will be so serious.

Right after Sugar King left Malaysia, he immediately announced the acquisition of Australia’s biggest sugar mill. This is the world leading supplier of raw material for sugar manufacturing. Of course, this includes supplying to the family of the fat vampire woman’s sugar factory in Perlis.

In early this year, Kuok announced plans to invest USD 10 billion in Indonesia for the development of the world’s largest sugar cane plantation, as well as building a state-of-the-art sugar refinery mill.

In the midst of world economy was facing a downturn and Malaysian government traveled around the world to solicit investment. How much was Malaysia’s foreign investment? Kuok’s single investment in Indonesia alone is already USD 10 billion dollars!

Don’t you want to screw the first couple?

At the moment, China’s palm oil contracts sealed with Malaysia is remaining unchanged under the agreeable terms. There won’t be any increase in volume. Indonesia has more palm oil output than Malaysia. It is cheaper too. Now that Kuok had invested so much money in Indonesia, the Government of Indonesia would have treated him as their God of Wealth. Certainly, open to negotiate anything with him. Moreover, Indonesia has been eyeing to take over the China palm oil contract from Malaysia.

The CONSOLATION price China offers to Malaysia for not increasing the purchase of palm oil was importing frozen durian.

Do the Chinese people have the habit of eating durian? How much time and efforts are needed to market frozen durian from Malaysia? Thai durian may not selling well in China, let alone Malaysia frozen durian?

Business is business, who would supply millions of dollars’ worth of frozen durian into an untapped new market with no durian consumption culture? Should the Chinese people become non-receptive of it, how do we deal with return goods? A total failure of investment might happen. Is this how to do business?

In earlier this year, when the news hit the papers that Kuok made an announcement to invest USD 10 billion in Indonesia, many criticized Kuok for being unpatriotic, preferring to inject so much money into Indonesia instead of Malaysian.

What A CRAP!

You arm-twisted him to take over his empire, forcing the man to leave Malaysia in broken heart & humiliation; now that the man ignores the Malaysian market, and you criticize him?

He channeled his huge investment to Australia & Indonesia instead of Malaysia, who is to be blamed?

Coincidentally, Kuok is not just the renowned China hotelier, king of cooking oil, the world’s sugar King; he is also the franchisee of the Coca-cola soft drink brand in the Chinese market. Kuok is involved in a diversity of businesses in China. He created many job opportunities for China. The Chinese central government and leaders have great respect for him as an entrepreneur. When the man speaks, the weight it carries can be far-reaching.

So far, Kuok is the only Malaysian tycoon who never accepted any of the royal titles conferred for those outstanding Malaysians.

Many people address him as “Tan Sri Robert Kuok,” in actual fact, he does not have it, he doesn’t need them too. To put the record straight, he is neither Tan Sri nor Dato.

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70年代大马海上航运业也真空,是大马政府亲自派代表去香港邀请郭鹤年帮忙,郭鹤年为了国家发展,将自己的集团业务暂时放下,回来大马协助政府设立国家海上航运业,这才有了后来的MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COPERATION,简称MISC。













顺便跟大家报告一下:郭鹤年不但是中国的酒店大王,食油大王,世界糖王,他还是coca cola汽水品牌在中国市场的专利权拥有者。他在中国涉及的业务极多而且多元化。为中国制造许多就业机会的商机,是中国中央政府领导人非常敬重的一位企业家。他讲一句话,份量绝对不会比一些外国领导人低。


By: 忠政快讯

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JB Heartlander says:




Venki says:

For Dr Mahathir to accuse the Chinese of being the real masters of the country is really the height of political idiocy. If we want to go by racial perception, it would appear to everyone that Malays dominate in every sphere of life in the country.

They form the majority in Parliament, judiciary, army and police, the MACC and all other important political bodies. In the socio-economic and educational sphere, they control all the major banks except for Public Bank, the GLCs, Petronas, public universities, civil service, etc.

Any Chinese or orang putih wanting to do business has to kowtow to the Malays for licences and permits. Moreover, Malay businesses control some of the monopolies such as water, electricity, toll roads, etc. where it is so easy for them to make more profits by just increasing the price.

Even the richest and most powerful Chinese and Indians such as Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishna, Tony Fernandez, Vincent Tan and others are completely at the mercy of the Malays if they want to do business in Malaysia.


Fanny says:






hao2 says:

Umno commits the fatal mistake of thinking it can justify almost everything by using the Malay name.

Look at the general vilification on Malaysian Chinese who are now more readily associated with DAP.

Let me ask you, who is the closest Malaysian Chinese to the Prime Minister these days?

It’s a Malaysian Chinese who just secured a RM1 billion contract to do the Ampang LRT extension works.

In that sense, the Umno president is selling out the Malays.

It is certain now that Najib had interceded on behalf of George Kent to award the Ampang LRT extension project to a Malaysian Chinese.

The company failed the technical and financial pre-qualification requirements but for Najib’s intercession, got the project anyway.

Mind you, this is the same Malaysian Chinese who was rumoured to have brokered the contract for the double tracking project for China Harbors.

Additionally, this same Malaysian Chinese was rumoured to have asked US$500 million from the Chinese government allegedly for the benefit of Najib.


Don Anamalai says:

Chinese businesses have given PM Najib’s economic policies the thumbs-down, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCIM).

The report revealed that many of the community’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or industries believe they have not benefited from the prime minister’s economic initiatives despite the raft of reforms introduced since Najib took office in April 2009.

nkkhoo says:

Bodohland KV MRT is three time more expensive than Beijing underground MRT. Underground tunnel is more expensive to build than land-based rail.

UMNO goons will steal a few hundred billion from MRT project alone.

Why BN has to rush MRT project because they know PR will probably be new government after GE13, they have better to seal the over-priced contracts before too late.

Ronny says:

George kent the water meter company can be awarded contract to build MRT? That’s the open tender system of BN.

Sadako says:








delia says:

actually it due to weak MCA that only carefor selected cronies that can collaborate with umno.
better discard MCA for good in the coming election.

yonghua says:

Another dirty ocean tactic from Najib.
If you cannot win the hearts of the chinese, scare the shit out of them!
Proof is here:

Freddy says:

The Chinese have allowed MCA to represent them in Government for the last 50 years. The Chinese were the backbone that supported BN when UMNo was teethering on the brink of collapse in the ’80s. The Chinese were prepared to support UMNO’s policies of NEP, special privilleges for Malays etc for the last 50 years. But, what have they received in return? Still called migrants in the country they call home, despite their pledge of loyalty to the country, king etc.and speaking Bahasa better than many Malays. Still made to feel they are second class or worse no class citizens of the country compared to Indo migrants who become citizens overnight when most Chinese are 3rd or 4th, 5th generations here. What is there to lose in not supporting MCA/BN anymore? Any Chines who still suppport MCA/BN must have rocks in their heads. More importantly, the question should be asked of the locals in Sabah, Sarawak and the poor Malays and Indians why they should support BN given the fate of the Chinese in Malaysia.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Malays has achieved 23% ownership of the national assets.
at this rate, umno can continue to justify NEP for anotehr 50 years.

nkkhoo says:

Yes, UMNO will use face value to justify the NEP.

sam says:

All is not fine with BN and UMNO..the article is good but honestly, the English is atrocious, which is quite common amongst Malaysians.

nkkhoo says:

The article was translated with Google.

RkO says:

This is the malaysian English. You have to live with it.
Many poke eye incidents here in Bolehland. This kind of standard can already get you distinction in Bahasa Inggeris in SPM – the MBMMBI way.

Important is to know the truth and not the spinned tales from NST and Utusan.

nkkhoo is doing us a service. He used technology in Google to translate chiense articles for those who cannot understand mandarin.

nkkhoo says:

Actually it was translated by other and the original article was more atrocious.

anoymous says:

total agree with you.

chee hou says:

That is good that you translate this story in english

nkkhoo says:

I just do editing from an unreadable translation script with Google Translate done by another unknown person.

English version will reach UMNO pirates and let them know what is karma. LOL

anson says:

CSL is proactive in Johor as he could not afford to lose his home turf, cabinet position is at stake.
So this is good for Johor in Chinese.
The same cannot be said for other MCA outside Johor.

By the way, did you watch Siasat Mandarin on NTV7 last nite? At least 2000 Johor primary/secondary students sht appealing shuttling daily to study in Singapore? Why such phenomenon? Talent loss in the making. Local education not appealing to them?

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia education with Malay language medium and poor teaching staff was losing appeal since 70s.

Our ministers, politicians and rich businessmen send their children to Singapore and overseas for education is not a news.

CSL’ son, Lim Guan Eng, Tian Chuan, Najib and almost all MPs were educated in overseas.

Dabangg of Muar says:

i think you will be remembered in Sejarah if you solely focus your energy on Muar matter. Otherwise, you lose you focus and ideas become like rojak (pls take this positively).
You are brave and speak your mind. If you contribute to Muar, the people here will cherish you forever. I believe in you but my friends in Muar somehow idolise Namewee better. Go figure it out.

nkkhoo says:

I asked CSL to get back Dana Johor for Chinese investors is a small service to Muar people including my mum who had invested in Dana Johor.

Tourism Minister NYY was informed about the swamp land in Tanjung Ketupat was cleared off. She agreed to look into it.

Do not forget, I also made noise about Muar lion dance statue project delay, Muar district official was kicked out after many Chinese voicing out unhappiness against him.

What Muar people should do is united as one pressure group to deal with power corruption and cronysm like Penang NGOs. No one can help them except themselves.

What do you expect more from me as a small man without political backing? No one helped me (same fate for Raja Petra also!) when I was sued by a GLC under the instruction of old man, that why I choose to attack both sides after seeing through politicians’ true color, they are all greedy animals except a few good ones.

I have no intention to make fame at all unlike Namewee for his film business.

I believe Namewee will be a BN turncoat in one day, your friends in Muar may want to jump into Muar river if my prediction comes true.

alvis says:


are you a supporter of mca?

you must be thankful for all the good things mca bring to your muar hometown.

that’s why you hate DAP?

nkkhoo says:

I support 1 Truth party, not your party for sure.

I thank anyone who is doing a good service to my village community in Muar (should be Tangkak now).

Why PR should be elected to form a federal government if PR supporters are childish, silly and immature like you?

Grow up before you behave like another Chinese Perkasa.

Too Lan says:

Katak Ibrahim Ali has urged the government to ignore the threat by Tan Sri William Cheng to move his Lion Group’s steel operations to Indonesia. Another karma in the making.

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia Chinese are losing ground in many sectors under the NEP apartheid policy.

Chinese participation in telecommunication, aviation, express bus, and car manufacturing almost non-exist.

Even sundry shops cannot escape from the brutal assaults with subsidy with our public money to make Chinese traders out of business.

More Chinese interests will be eroded continually, and with this rate Chinese will be mere workers and maids for Malay boss by 2020.

TLP says:

and yet you still sing praise of mca?
(since you always condemn PR)

What an irony!

nkkhoo says:

Nothing wrong to condemn BN or PR at my will, that is my freedom and democratic rights as enshrined in the constitution.

If you are not happy I condemn PR, go learn from an idiot named Jeremy to threaten me by EXPOSING my real identify because I will very scare with such a PR terrorism.

Don’t be like a loser.

Too Lan says:

Robert Kuok merely followed umno’s constant call to ‘Balik China’.

Nev6 says:

Serve us right…!! We always think we are great! Even our Finance Minister announce our FDI are in Ringgit, Coz~ We are too ‘small’ to announce it in USD~~! We always belittle country like Singapore being small, But we have never benchmark ourselves how do we fair among other country… Everyday, try flipping our Starbiz, look how much hypes we have with our local business arena ~ Pathetic!! Have you read any business article in Singapore, Thailand or even Indonesia everyday about the investement they received???? Here we have our silly government official, Going to Indonesia ” to meet Billionaire ” inviting them to invest in Malaysia , Why would Indonesia need to invest in Malaysia???? Stupid!!! Why can’t we lure the China’s billionaire?????? Is it because of ‘Tanah Melayu’ we can’t lure the chinese..? ya ya ya.. In time to come,, this land will become ‘Tanah Mud Layu’