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What a crap from PDC again !!!

I hope this below reporting from the Star is not distorting what Rosli has said about Kancil Car Park.

He said PDC as a project implementor, only involved in handling tender processes, and then PDC passed back the project to SDO (a federal government agency) for appointing a contractor.

What a crap from Rosli?

If the contractor was selected during a CAT tender process overseen by PDC , then why SDO was appointing another contractor?

If SDO rejected the contractor who won the project in the PDC’s CAT tender process and replaced it with other contractor, he should made noise to newspapers and reported it to MACC for corruption investigation.

Rosli, please be matured and stop blame others for your own negligence and incompetency.

If SDO indeed has appointed its own contractor through BN corrupt direct negotiation method, then we should not call it an open tender, just renamed it as a black box tender.

A question for PDC GM, Rosli and PDC Chairman, LGE.

Did PDC call up open tender for Kancil car park in the first place?

If so, please show it to rakyat the documents and evidence on when the tender was called.

The latest update is PDC and its SDO contractor NEVER adopted micro-piling method on the granite base as recommended by the external consultant for its piling work. See Concerns raised over stability of Penang Hill carpark

The safety and stability of the building may be comprised. Most likely the car park has to be taken down like the Botanical Garden arches.

Who should be held responsible for this blunder under CAT?

PDC (90%)

Rosli had failed to ensure building design and construction method is meeting specifications, paperwork submission and seeking proper approval from MPPP, contractor selection and project progress monitoring.

My suggestion: Rosli should resign from PDC.

Lim Guan Eng (5%)

He is PDC Chairman failed in this project follow-up with the Rosli.

My suggestion: Cut RM10 from his allowance as PDC chairman. Be woke up in the PDC board meeting.

Ng Yen Yen (5%)

She is Tourism Minister, the receiving customer on behalf of rakyat for this project failed to follow-up with PDC on the technical and project implementation timeline aspects.

My suggestion: Cut RM10 from her salary and shut down SDO.

Contractor picked by SDO


THE contractor who carried out the controversial ‘Kancil’ car park at the foot of Penang Hill was appointed by the State Development Office (SDO).

Penang Development Corporation (PDC) general manager Datuk Rosli Jaafar said the Federal Government had handled the administration of the project since it was funding it.

“The funds came from the Federal Government, so the management of the project was done by the SDO.

“As the implementing body, PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd undertook the job and handled the tendering exercises and so on,” he said.

Festive treat: PDC staff members enjoying local delights during a Hari Raya open house held by the PDC on Persiaran Mahsuri, Penang.

“Once that work was done, it was submitted to SDO for the appointment of the contractor,” Rosli told newsmen after attending a Hari Raya open house hosted by the PDC at its head office in Bayan Baru yesterday.

Also present at the function was Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is PDC chairman.

Rosli said the PDC would submit a report on the project to Tourism Mininster Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen within a week.

The car park, which was a part of the ministry’s RM73mil Penang Hill funicular train upgrading project, has come under fire for being poorly designed.

Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng had criticised the car park for having steep ramps, low ceilings and parking bays that were said to be only suitable for Perodua Kancil.

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Ong Eu Soon says:

Sorry he should not be the chief minister, but too bad he is the chief minister who hold the exco post in charge of land.

Ong Eu Soon says:

Cut the exco in charge of land RM10 from his allowances as well. This exco has been sleeping all the time. Soon he will become the Sleeping Beauty Exco of Darul Sampah.

nkkhoo says:

I pity him, he should be a chief minister if he knows how to shape his image and be seen as a DAP national level leader.

His performance as exco is still not up to standard to be seen as a future CM to replace LGE.