My Contemplation >>>

I very scare now...This is a true color of a DAP or PR running dog.

An idiot named Jeremy with this fake email wrote to me.

I took pictures at the bersih rally.

I got a few photos with yot face clearly shown – judging from the t-shirt you wore.

I will send it to other bloggers to expose your true identity, because you are not Zorro but a mca doubleagent.

My nonsense reply as below.

Send it to Hisham and Rais Yatim is much better. I will very scare of your terrorism tactic.

I cover my face is not I worry about my real identify, but not to make fame as Wee Meng Chee. (FYI, PM Najib will meet him for his great contribution to this nation!)

Don’t you think Mahathir and his gang never know who am I, they sued me before. LOL

Go check up who was blogger named fearless in soc.culture.malaysia since 1997. You may not born yet when MGG Pillai, Raja Petra, me and others were lobbying online to release Anwar Ibrahim. I did not join the “anti-Chinese” street demo in 98 because I was still in overseas at that time.

Fuck you head off, DAP (or PKR) running dog.

Sorry for other readers for seeing me using 4-letter words openly.

Your people should judge it yourself, who is more terrible in suppressing the freedom of speech, PR is not yet form the federal government, their running dog already behaves like a komtar mamak thug.

I guess PR government will arrest me under ISA if they win in the GE13 for my bashing against LGE.

Anyway, BN supporters are more civilized than Jeremy in the cyberworld.

I will ask Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Ibrahim to apologize if Jeremy is brave (meaning got two balls) enough to disclose his real identity here unlike a coward like me.

I need to check he is a DAP or PKR member before I write to Uncle Lim and Anwar, not because I like to terrorize him.

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