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Malaysian professionals are not just underpaid, they are paid less than foreign workers

There are tons of new graduates are still being paid less than RM1,500 per month, and skilled foreign workers in the construction site are earning more than them.

I read many letters in The Star from employers argued that our professionals must be grateful to them for earning RM1,500 per month, without them our graduates will jobless.

When they lose their professionals to foreign companies or foreign countries, they condemn our people are too demanding, poor English and poor working ethic.

The salary for same professionals in China coastal cities is much higher than here, high salary does not seem to hinder their GDP high growth at all.

This kind of salary scheme can compete with Singapore?

Najib: M’sian professionals under paid

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 13, 2011): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has conceded that Malaysian professionals are underpaid compared with their counterparts in foreign countries.

He said the state of affairs had somewhat deterred efforts to retain as well as attract good talents to work in this country.

“Although Malaysian professionals are competent, they are not being paid as well as those in other countries.

“I have been telling the private and public sectors to pay people salaries that commensurate with their skills and talents in accordance with international standards.

“So, it is my desire to see our wage rate move up steadily but with an eye on improving productivity as well,” he said at the 11th Forbes Global CEO Conference here tonight.

Najib said focused efforts were needed to retain good Malaysian professionals as well as attract Malaysian diaspora back with better remuneration as a pull factor.

Also important, he said, was to create opportunities, whereby the government had undertaken various measures under Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

“I believe if we create opportunities, pay people well and push productivity, we will be able to attract more talents to work in Malaysia,” he added.

On the removal of subsidies, Najib said, the government would be careful to ensure that it would not burden the people.

Najib cited some of the Arab countries which are in turmoil due to unemployment and rising cost of living.

“We are very cautious of the fact that rising cost of living is the responsibility of the government to deal with.

“Otherwise, in a political democracy, there will be a backlash against the government. So, we are committed to reducing subsidies gradually but we will have to ensure that there will be no additional burden for the people,” he said. – Bernama

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Ronny says:

I know of several graduates who are working as clerks in factories/lawyers/accountants offices and getting less than RM800 a month.

If the graduate is related to an UMNO Minister, he is given a job in Maxis, MAS, Sime Darby, Pos Malaysia, Petronas, TM, RTM, Astro, Media Prima, etc – no need to attend an interview.

The Minister makes a phone call and the job is handed on a silver platter.

Meanwhile, the children of Ministers are given overseas education with scholarships to boot.

Let’s face it.

The unemployed graduates, burdened by loans are Malays.
And they are supposed to defend Ketuanan Melayu.

nkkhoo says:

My friend hired a Malay female graduate from his university as clerk and paid more than her expected salary. He paid higher salary is not to insult our graduates with diploma and degree.

alvis says:

We must question why every chinese kopitiam must hire Indon maids?

nkkhoo says:

I prefer to ask this question why 3 million illegal immigrants are roaming freely in kopitiam, work site, palm oil plantation, etc.